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Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) is a public research university focusing primarily on health sciences with a main campus, including two hospitals, in Portland, Oregon. The institution was founded in 1887 as the University of Oregon Medical Department and later became the University of Oregon Medical School. In 1974, the campus became an independent, self-governed institution called the University of Oregon Health Sciences Center, combining state dentistry, medicine, nursing, and public health programs into a single center.

Request for OHSU to correct medical misdiagnoses 5/2016

letter from OHSU denying my amendment request
At this time I was under the impression that some doctors were bad actors - not that this is the systemic issue I now see it is. And so I didn't entirely understand the motive for falsifying records. I thought that it was because the doctors were trying to paint me as drug-seeking rather than a someone suffering from severe bouts of pain. And that may have been part of what was going on, but it doesn't seem to have been the master plan. The master plan seems to be more about painting me as a fundamentally flawed, incompetent, untrustworthy, unpleasant, and possibly dangerous human being