“Why you?” (primogeniture)

One of the questions which is asked of me when I make certain assertions is “why you”? I’ve been asked this by police and doctors, mostly, in response to my attempts to report and describe the crime. In other words, they are asking me “why are you so significant that you would be the focus of something like this?”

The question would be understandable under normal circumstances, but in this case is problematic for a number of reasons. First of all, most obviously, the people who ask me this question inevitably already know the answer, and likely have more information than I do. Thus the question is actually a sort of misdirection. They are directing focus away from the fact that a crime is being committed, and people are being harmed, and forcing me to speculate about something. It’s like a game of gotcha. Also, no matter how I answer the question – using whatever research I can access, and logical reasoning, etc – it never seems to matter what the answer is. That is because the question is not being asked in good faith. The intent behind the question seems to be more about making the case that I have some kind of narcissistic qualities, or persecutory / grandiose delusions.

Another thing about this, is if I’m correct about the answer to “why me,” is this thing is so old that it originated from a time period where people thought about things much differently than they do today. In other words, the idea of people being divided into different groups, castes, classes, etc by divine decree was commonly accepted. And that is the basic answer to the question – it’s about lineage and it’s linked to the concept of divine right of kings, but it’s also linked to alchemy, the occult, and an idea of opposites – the idea of a king as a slave or a slave as a king.

Unusual elements in lineage can be shown in both Chris’ family tree and in mine, most tellingly, the pattern of scions or primogeniture – in his case, he’s from a multigenerational line of first born sons of first born sons, and in my line, first born daughters of first born daughters with a notable and explainable exception in the 19th century. This pattern is easy to verify through genealogical research.

The deep involvement of medicine is probably linked to alchemical origins, and the use of police and civilian possees (slave patrols, Gestapo, etc) also seems to go back a long time. This seems to be the origin of the organized stalking and harassment activities and their apparently cozy links to law enforcement.

Normally you wouldn’t expect something this brutal to survive into modern times, but I believe that this particular system has been well protected by secrecy, sophisticated mind control tactics, and a system of financial incentives. Still, it is an illegal system of corruption, abuse, malfeasance, sex trafficking, slavery, medical trafficking, and murder.

This system – and that is what it appears to be, a system – while it appears to be lucrative for many, is incredibly cruel, systematically spreading lies, tearing families apart and operating in violation of the laws laws of all modern nations. It is an existential threat to democracy worldwide, because a country operating this way cannot possibly be democratic.

This system of slavery and abuse must be ended. That is my stance, and further, my stance is let it begin with me. With regards to myself, I have the necessary evidence, integrity, and courage to bring this to trial, regardless of all the tricks and tactics used to chill attempts towards freedom and justice.

web page updated 22 August 2022