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Click here for a full site map. This is a developing narrative, investigation, and archive linked to a massive crime of global finance-backed surveillance, fraud, graft, theft, trafficking, murder, and obstruction of justice. Several US federal agencies seem to be implicated. I have been documenting my experiences suffering from, trying to escape from, and fighting this crime since I first became aware of it and sought help from police in January 2014.  

Every statement on this site is made with the idea that it is true to the best of my knowledge and understanding, and is something I would testify to in court, under oath, or in a sworn deposition. This is also true of content found on the DIY record label I inherited from Chris Newman,

Despite being blacklisted, I have decided to bring cases though the civil courts to the best of my ability. Due to the size and significance of this case I am hoping to find financial and legal support.

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