Final demand to remove false psychiatric diagnosis 7/31/2022

message to Nick about false diagnosis
Note – I say “going back to February” but I meant “February 2021”

I decided I couldn’t keep getting pushed into a corner and waiting for a process that would go nowhere, and wrote one final letter which I sent as a PDF attachment through the email program to the provider’s group and on paper to the clinic manager.

There may be some minor differences between the PDF which is dated July 31 and the paper letter dated July 26. 

final letter requesting removal of false diagnosis of delusional disorder
clinic manager’s response and attached “amend a record set” form

note from Providence Cascade clinic manage LeCola about amending a medical record

The clinic manager sent me a record set amendment form. This would be the same process I’d gone through at OHSU in 2016 without success. It would not have success here, either, because Dr Warrington and the psychologist Shaun Burns both already refused to remove the diagnosis. It’s pretty clear that my medical records are being accessed in some way by multiple entities, including police and FBI – and that however they’re being accessed is not leaving tracks in the Epic software program. The false diagnosis is not sitting harmlessly in my chart but is being used to deny proper attention to complaints that I make, for example, about malicious use of biomedical technology, and to deny me proper treatment, not just medically but in general. The way I am being treated by the medical and law enforcement community might be congruent with how you’d treat an involuntary test subject, or a lesser creature, if that is how you were inclined – I’m not being treated like a human being. There are a number of means being used to deliberately dehumanize me in the eyes of people in general. This is one of them.