Regarding the veracity, significance, and “provability” of my claims

I have been falsely diagnosed with a number of psychological conditions going back some period of time, but amplifying significantly in January 2014. The primary reason for this is pretty obvious – it is to misdirect attention, slander me, and cover up malfeasance by hospitals, law enforcement, and I’m now increasingly coming to understand, medical labs and research facilities.

The history of these psychological misdiagnoses (maybe a new word should be coined here – DIS-diagnoses?) and the intent behind them is a bit subtle prior to January 2014, but no less insidious as it was a gradual process of laying a paper trail groundwork with the intent of countering a reckoning that was clearly feared and anticipated. All of this can be discerned and addressed.

What I’m trying to get to here are the core claims that I’ve been making, against which this cabal is so vigorously fighting. These are the following claims:

1. That I, my now-deceased husband Chris Newman, and my daughter have been subjects of unlawful, intrusive, violating, and widely disseminated surveillance activities for our entire lives.

This however was not the initial claim I made on January 20, 2014 when Officer Zach DeLong reportedly sent me to speak with a doctor about my “paranoid delusions.” The initial claim was that I had seen evidence of unlawful surveillance in our home. That was the entire complaint.

It took me some time to understand more about what kind of surveillance was going on, how long it had been going on for, and some of the covert economic structures built up around it (biomedical experimentation and trafficking, financed and false secret reports to FBI, surveillance sex trafficking etc). At the center of all of this, I now see, is covert biomedical lab experiments and manipulations.

But none of this was known to me in January 2014. I knew only one thing – that there had been inappropriate surveillance, professional blacklisting, and signs of intellectual property theft. That was my entire complaint, a complaint that seemed to invite the most massive – and massively financed – backlash imaginable. I myself would likely not believe it if I hadn’t been there.

It doesn’t make sense for this kind of response to happen, if there had been some minor surveillance activity, or no activity at all. It does make sense if I was threatening to dismantle a massive and highly lucrative system of criminal malfeasance.

2. That Chris Newman was repeatedly and maliciously denied the opportunity to progress professionally or profit from his own creative works.

This was a claim that I had, at the time, made to a few individuals. I didn’t say anything about this to police or doctors. But it is true. What I didn’t know, is it was much worse than that – by which I mean that Chris via wirelessly accessed piezo-electrical biomedical CGI, which goes back at least to the 1950s – Chris was medically manipulated and brutalized from the day he was born.

My daughter and I have also suffered a great deal.

Chris was then murdered.

Chris was a potential plaintiff and key witness in a number of lawsuits that should have been brought. Chris was murdered with cancer via biomedical implants and wireless weapons in order to cover up and facilitate an ongoing crime of mammoth proportions. That is why I call it aggravated murder.

He was wirelessly tortured for much of his last days and weeks, probably to traumatize me and to send a message of some sort either to me or to others involved in the surveillance activities.

3. That this biomedical CGI (covertly implanted, wirelessly accessed, networked piezo-electrical biomedical devices) – exists and is being used “in the field” in the manner that I’ve been describing.

This was not something I knew anything about in 2014. It was not a claim I had made. I began to bring this up with doctors in 2017 after I began to understand what was going on, which was around the time I purchased the Aceco FC-6002 MKII frequency tracer. Once I made this claim, the defamatory psychological diagnoses kicked up a notch again.

False psychiatric diagnoses are tricky for a number of reasons. For one thing, we’re taught to trust the integrity of medical professionals, to believe that for a doctor to deliberately pin a false diagnosis on a patient would be exceedingly rare. For another thing, even in the best of scenarios, there is a lot of subjectivity built into the diagnostic standards used to diagnose most psychiatric illnesses. But this is hardly the best of scenarios. The doctors diagnosing me with psychosis-spectrum disorders are not acting in good faith, nor are they acting in isolation. This appears to me to be the vehement execution of a long-standing plan.

But there is something about the misdiagnosis that’s been so persistently pinned on me “delusional disorder” and that is that appears to be relatively simply defined, in that in order to have this disorder, you need to have persistant delusions. Delusions are defined in the DSM-5 as “fixed beliefs that are not amenable to change in light of conficting evidence.” (p 87) The key here is “conflicting evidence.” Basically, if you can employ a logical evidence-based thought process to evaluate whether something is/is not or could/could not be true – you can’t reasonably be called delusional.

Leaving aside the claims I had made about Chris’ career, and focusing on the idea that we were (and are) under intrusive (and unlawful) surveillance and that we have these biomedical networks that have been put into our bodies and have been used to harm us and to kill Chris (and others) – the reasonable thing to do, if one thought this wasn’t true – would be to provide conflicting evidence. This quite literally has not been done.

Instead, I have been the one to provide evidence of my complaints, which I have done over and over going back to 2014. The typical response of doctors is to not look at it, or look at it reluctantly but say nothing about it, but put more defamatory language into my chart notes. Occasionally I encounter a doctor who will argue with me, but the arguments have no teeth. They claim that my evidence is not actually evidence, or they pick out a single point and argue that what I’m seeing is something else. A lot of times this means they claim to see something fairly different from what I see. This also necessitates ignoring the associated patterns – in other words, looking at one part and discarding everything else, or only looking at evidence that suits their explanation, and discarding conflicting evidence. In other words, they are the ones ignoring evidence that conflicts, not me. But I don’t claim it’s because they’re delusional. It’s because they are covering up a crime.

In fact, I have dealt with a lot of deliberate misdirection over the years, and at times it has led me to adopt certain idea that are incorrect. In every case I can think of, that was because I was deliberately misled. And every time that has happened, once the facts become clear, I modify my ideas. In other words, I use logic, reasoning, and evidence and therefore am not delusional.

These false diagnoses are used most persistently as a sort of pseudo-scientific ad hominem attack removing focus from the claims I am making, which is where the attention should be – and focusing it instead on me, in an endless loop of speculation and defamation.

The focus should be on the claims I’m making, and whether I have shown enough evidence for them to be further investigated, and also, whether my daughter, I, and others deserve protection and restitution from the crimes.

web page updated 15 August 2022