Psychological manipulations and malfeasance

Before 2014, I wasn’t aware of any deliberate psychological manipulations or deceit by doctors or mental health professionals around me or family members.  I had assumed that doctors and counselors were generally ethical and, with rare exceptions, who tried to do their jobs carefully, ethically, and effectively.  I now think this was big misconception that was very effectively shattered in January 2014. What was harder to understand was the motivation behind the behaviors that I’ve now been aware of for the better part of a decade.

In any case, in January 2014 it was clear that I was being lied to and lied about by doctors and psychiatrists, and by 2018 it was clear to me that these kind of manipulations (lies, deceit, murder, by medical professionals under the guise of medical misfortune) have been going on around my maternal family going back at least four generations. I know this because my Grandma Shirley told a lot of family stories.

 My grandma never outright said that her siblings, aunt, father, or mother were murdered, and it’s likely she either didn’t know or wasn’t sure, but I believe that she suspected foul play at least in the case of her sister Mildred who one day suddenly “went insane,” probably in her early 20s. My grandma pointed out how suddenly Mildred’s behavior changed, and in my journals I wrote that my grandma had said that Mildred had gone to a preacher’s home to babysit, and then went missing for a few days. And my grandma said that this preacher had books about hypnosis on his shelves. Mildred was imprisoned at Anoka State Hospital where she died of tuberculosis in 1940, at age 27.

Years earlier, my grandmother’s aunt Rose died in childbirth, because of the drunken actions of a doctor. There are many other instances in my family history where patterns point to covert manipulation and murder through medical systems. 

There is a pattern of medical malfeasance around me and my loved ones.


web page updated 17 August 2022