Pattern of obstruction or delay by doctors and dentists

There are a number of patterns pointing to malfeasance by doctors, dentists, and law enforcement. This is so pervasive and has been going on so long, I’m struggling with how to categorize and describe it. Much of what I describe in other posts includes obstructive behavior and/or delay tactics. There were a lot of days where I was calling or writing to doctors and dentists trying to get copies of records or elicit some type of forward motion from point A to point B which is how you do science and basically how you get anything done – you gather evidence, you evaluate the evidence you have, you develop a hypothesis, you test the hypothesis and adjust, and/or you move forward to the next step based on the facts or evidence-based hypothesis you have established. This is what I’m being prevented from doing.

For example, prior to February 15, 2022 I was able to communicate with Advantage Dental with a day or two delay. In other words, they would return phone calls within 48 hours. But beginning on the afternoon of February 15 they stopped returning my phone calls or answering my emails. Soon the online email form started to error out.

From that point on, in order to communicate with Advantage Dental it was necessary for me to physically go into the office, which I finally did the following March. After that, they set me up with an intermediary, and I had to communicate with them through her. Everything was exceedingly difficult. This pattern has been repeated again and again with every single doctor and dentist I’ve dealt with since 2019. It forces me to do a lot of face-to-face interaction, simply trying to make progress. In the background, I’ve learned that all kinds of false and defamatory things are being put into my medical and dental records. Every visit to a doctor or dentist seems to invite more libel.

There are little things that seem like they might be signs of something bigger. For example, why is it that Roots Dental offered to do x-rays when I visited them on March 18, but when I asked for a single x-ray on April 8, they said they needed to check with my primary care physician first? According to their email to me, it was because “I already had an x-ray.” But when I asked Dr Warrington about this on April 26th, he said they had called him because they were “alarmed at the content of what you were worried about.” At that time, I was simply asking for a higher resolution x-ray of a problematic area of my mouth (tooth 14 extraction cavity). At the

March 18 visit

 they’d taken photographs with an intra-oral camera. 


When I parse Dr Warrington’s notes and responses to me, I see patterns of obstruction, and possibly coded or veiled threats as well. And this is hardly limited to Dr Warrington. It appears to be endemic and even routine in the medical and biomedical fields, but it’s all done with coded language. It seems that there is a constant coded “reminding” of others of the possibility of retaliation. In fact, retaliatory threats and behavior seems to be the norm. Identifying what may or may not be retaliation also relies on patterns, as any one instance of something happening could simply be coincidence. Language is learned and meaning discerned by identifying and understanding patterns.

One example of retaliatory behavior that I experience is adverse psychological diagnoses going into my files, or being amplified, when I identify and report things that doctors covering up. (By now I’ve concluded this is in fact a cover up.) This is a saga on its own and deserves some attention, but at its most basic level it involves biomedical manipulations of my medical conditions and additional manipulation of my medical records in order to elicit certain effects. My medical records can affect me socially, professionally, and through law enforcement in part because the records are clearly not kept private. Who has access to them, and how, I don’t know for certain, though I imagine that they’re accessed by any number of people online in a way which doesn’t reflect in the Epic MyChart software. This is what makes these allegedly “private” medical records a convenient means of slander.

An example of what I would call a pattern of retaliation began, or became amplified in 2018 after I began to make claims to doctors that there were signs of covert and unusual biomedical implants in my body. This was months after I’d detected the implants with a frequency tracer, and the detected frequencies were far from the only sign that this has been going on. The result was an amplification of psychological defamation in my records, as well as gross mischaracterizations of my behavior, words, demeanor, grooming, etc. In other words, the pattern is, as soon as I began to identify the most disturbing but also key pieces to a multipart activity – that is when they start saying that I am paranoid, anxious, delusional, hallucinating, dangerous, etc. The attention from that point on is never on the evidence, but on how many additional labels and/or corroborating stories they can collect to make me seem like someone who cannot be trusted even to know what her own experiences are. Evidence supporting my allegations is ignored. Stories about me continued to be amplified, most of the false. The focus is always on these characterizations of me and never on the evidence of allegations I’m making.

“Black lab” is code for covert a biomedical research facility. Arguably everything in this photo employs coded language having to do with covert human subjects biomedical research, control, and trafficking. Making this pattern-based argument, especially in tandem with years of written documentation and forensic evidence such as photos and frequency scans, does not make me delusional or otherwise mentally ill.  (photo taken 5 May 2022)

web page updated 23 August 2022