Recording of this visit also missing, a likely casualty of equipment failure. It looks like the main purpose of this visit was pain related. Unsurprisingly, I’d experienced an increase in attacks (aka “symptoms”) while compiling the evidence archive. At this point, Dr Warrington added a new “condition” to my active issues list, “Target of perceived persecution.” My research shows this is a billable condition under the ICD-10.

One thing that I’ve noticed is that PowerLab is mentioned a few times in these notes. It’s something I had mentioned, but not something I’d emphasized.

Based on a research article I’d read in Nature Electronics (Three-dimensional piezoelectric polymer microsystems for vibrational energy harvesting, robotic interfaces and biomedical implants), I had mentioned PowerLab as a type of equipment that may be used to pick up signals from piezo-electrical transducers. This was put into the PDF I’d sent to Dr Warrington dated April 18. But I don’t know that for sure, and in truth any biomedical researcher studying this technology, appropriate military source, or the FBI would know exactly what to do to locate these. Based on looking at the collection of evidence together – specifically how Dr Warrington’s notes compare with the content of the actual visits – and based on patterns in my experience – the specific and repeated mention PowerLab in chart notes leads me to suspect that Dr Warrington’s motives are more for flagging that type of equipment as a potential problem (for the instigators) rather than a solution (for me). Again, this suspicion is based on large-scale patterns of behavior that I’ve observed over the years. For example, the Aceco bug detector worked fabulously for the first couple of weeks, but soon I found I was dealing with patterns of sabotage in the form of signal flooding, and after that, the device went missing from my apartment, only to reappear weeks later in another location. This happened two or three times, and by the last time it reappeared, it no longer worked at all. Similarly, there have been patterns with teachers and with medical providers (including Dr Warrington) where interactions seem benign or amicable at first, but after a few weeks, the situation deteriorates and the relationships break down. By January 2016, based on my experiences at Portland Community College, I was pretty convinced that this pattern was linked to behind-the-scenes financial and professional motivation structures.

So what I’m saying, is I now suspect that what Dr Warrington was doing was flagging PowerLab as a potential problem for the instigators (who I now strongly suspect are FBI), giving them the necessary information to work on a hacking/sabotage/subterfuge technique.

This would also explain Dr Warrington’s persistent delays. Delay is a primary tactic that’s used with me, because many of the diseases caused by these wireless implant networks – including cancer – require time to manifest, wreck havoc, become terminal. That is how Chris was killed.

Warrington chart notes mentioning Google Drive, Power Lab
 from 5 May 2022 Dr Warrington chart notes


Walking around town, doing an errand before my visit scheduled for 10:40am on May 5, I took several photos and some video. The following images were all made between 8 and 10am. Some of the photos show a package of unopened Medline “Bulkee Lite” gauze near a broken window at a bar called A&L Sports Pup, next to a parked white car without plates. Other items, including a syringe cap, a ring-shaped washer, and a Jolly Rancher “Bomb Pop” package are seen within a few feet of this. The location of these items is the same location where the red wig was seen when I walked to the Providence ER with severe back pain four years earlier (3/25/2018). The parking sign next to the white car is the same sign where in 2018, the wig was hung. Similarly, a helicopter flies over, from east to west, towards Providence hospital, as on March 25, 2018.