Seeking medical records and a referral to oral surgery 2/15-3/ 18/2022

At Roots Dental they took photos of the inflamed area behind tooth 15. Dr Dickenson admitted to seeing inflammation, but didn't admit to seeing the outline of something at the center. He gave me a referral to speak to surgeon at head+neck associates.

Having waited so long and suffering from ongoing directed energy attacks around tooth 14 and 15, it was tremendously disappointing that Dr Jamus claimed he could not detect a problem in the area and refused to give me a referral. Beginning on the afternoon after my February 15 visit, I began trying to contact Willamette Dental in order to get a copy of the records from that day’s visit.

After being unable to get any return phone calls or emails, on March 15, 2022 I travelled back to the dentist office in person, filled out a records request form, and spoke with the clinic manager Tahmena Rezayee about the referral issue. She at first told me she thought the dentist was prohibited from giving me a referral because he couldn’t see anything on the x-ray, and recommended I call Advantage Dental insurance. Meanwhile, she said she’d take my request up through the administrative process at Advantage Dental, similar to what Willamette Dental did when I requested a crown replacement in 2019.

I called Advantage Dental insurance who told me was only necessary to have the x-rays, not to see anything on the x-ray, for a referral. An on-call emergency dentist said my problem sounded like an “abscess.” It wasn’t an abscess, but at the time it behaved a bit like one, the tissue being inflamed, swollen, hot.

I thought that maybe one way to address the referral problem might be to go to a different dentist and seek the referral to the oral surgeon, so I made an appointment with an office called Roots Dental. They offered to take an x-ray. I said that I didn’t expect that an x-ray would show anything. A dental assistant mentioned that they had a camera which they could use to photograph the inside of my mouth. I said that would be perfect, and directed them to which area to photograph. I had by this point purchased both a lit dental and an orthodontic mirror, and so I knew something was visible in the area. They took photographs. The dentist, Dr Dickenson, admitted to seeing inflammation, but didn’t admit to seeing the outline of something at the center. He did give me a referral to head+neck associates.

The following week, I tried to follow up and make an appointment with head+neck but I kept getting cut off of my phone calls, so on March 22 I went to the office in person and made the appointment. This is when I was told Dr Patel was the only doctor at that clinic I could see, because all the clinic doctors would automatically agree with his opinion (see attempt to discuss tooth 14 extraction site problems with surgery team).