Letter sent to Oregon Governor Kate Brown (cc’ed to Attorney General Eric Holder and Senators Ron Wyden and Dianne Feinstein) and response 3/2015

March 18 – April 1, 2014

excerpt from letter to Kate Brown where I list a number of Constitutional and other rights violatons

I wrote and mailed the following letter (full letter at bottom of post) on March 18, 2014, mostly composing it at Portland Community College southeast campus computer lab, being as my computer had been left in Sacramento (where much of the data on it was apparently being deleted).

A lot of bizarre things happened around this letter. On page three I mention something about a trigger in a Latuda commercial. What had happened is the television was doing a lot of glitching that seemed deliberate, and there were indeed hypnotic types of triggers showing up in broadcasts on every channel – moving lights, sparkles, extra long fades, etc. During the Latuda commercial, there was a mention of suicide in teens as a side effect, and a sound glitch, causing the listener to notice the word “suicide.” Two days later, on January 26, 2015 a 17 year old boy in Vancouver, Washington committed suicide by train. The letter ends with a description of concerning behavior and veiled threats regarding explosives. The day after I mailed the letters, on March 19, 2015, a 24 year old Oregon man committed suicide by detonating explosives.

I never received a response from any of the recipients of this letter, except that on April 1, 2015, while I was at my doctor (OHSU Richmond Family Clinic at the time) – Kate Brown appeared, seeming to be engaged in some kind of theatre. She was dressed in simple dress and sweater, acting like she was anxious, running around the clinic saying she needed to get a “shingles shot.” I looked at her, tried to catch her eye, smile at her, and she just acted like she didn’t see me, but when I walked out the door, I stopped for a minute to look at a copy of the Willamette Week newspaper, and she followed me out and did the same thing, before going back into the clinic. We watched the local news that night and the anchors mentioned that Governor Brown had been in Portland that day.

In retrospect, April 1 was April Fools Day. I don’t know what her intent was, but clearly she didn’t do anything to help us. There was no response from the Senators or US Attorney General.

It is a minor miracle that I still have a copy of this letter as my backups have been deleted, paper copies destroyed or tampered with (one day I found my last paper copy of the letter with every other page missing). Somehow I found a back up drive one day which had an intact photographed copy of the letter.