Sixth attempt to contact FBI – directed energy attacks focused on tooth 14

December 9, 2019

The FBI instructs victims not to make multiple crime reports about the same crime. On December 9, 2019 I attempted to contact the FBI again because I felt that there had been a new development in the situation that was worth reporting, the reason being that I was experiencing tremendous issues with frequencies sent to a dental crown which I knew had an implanted device in it. I knew this not only because of what I was feeling in my mouth and surrounding tissues – heating, vibrating, directed energy sensations – centered on the crown – but because as early as 2017 I had detected high-frequency pings coming off the crown with the Aceco FC 6002 MKII tracer. The crown had been manufactured and placed into my mouth by Willamette Dental under the Oregon Health Plan December 2014.

So on December 9, 2019 I sent the FBI a detailed message through their tip form, about the situation and my best understanding of it at the time. I once again emphasized that our lives were in danger from frequency-based weapons attacks. This, I thought would have been the perfect opportunity for them to confirm my claims about frequency-emitting and reactive implanted devices, since the crown could be removed for further examination.

Once again, I received no response from the FBI.

The crowned tooth was extracted one month later, on January 10, 2020. This would have been the perfect opportunity for police or FBI to run tests on it and confirm the claims I had been making. That they would not do this should invite investigation.

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