Purchase of Aceco FC 6002 MKII 1MHz-6GHz frequency tracer 10/2017

October 5, 2017

I had been trying to figure out how to do a frequency tracing, either via a professional (ideally police or FBI), or with professional equipment, since January 2014. In September 2015 I asked to borrow some money in order to hire a private investigator to do this on my behalf. I hired retired FBI agent Mike Hansen, who was deceptive. I had asked him ahead of time for a report, and had to repeat the request after this visit. He sent the report around October 1, 2015. I placed it into a closed kitchen cabinet. Within three weeks, the report had vanished.

In July 2017 I saw an example of someone locating biomedical devices within her own body using a frequency tracer, and because I was by this point already aware that I also had some time of implanted devices in my body, I decided to mimic what she had done, using the same type of equipment. At the time, a device of this type, and in this price range, could only be purchased from Europe.

In order to get the money to purchase this piece equipment, I was forced to sell my most prized possession which was my 1964 Fender Mustang guitar, with original pickups, etc. I sold it to my brother who made me no promises as far as holding on to it or ever returning it to me. I used the money that he paid me to buy this wide-range frequency tracer and my Geiger counter which came with dosimeter software. With regards to the frequency tracer, my hopes were that it would provide compelling enough evidence of wireless devices in my home and/or body to warrant further investigation by doctors, police, or the FBI. And indeed I did find evidence of wireless signals coming from specific areas inside walls, light fixtures, and at least one sprinkler head inside my apartment, with most of the activity being inside my bathroom. I also found lots of wireless signals coming from different parts of my body, some of which I was able to document on video, and other locations which I documented in other ways (such as in journals and in computer files). It became difficult to document everything on video, due to electronic sabotage. Over time, the electronic sabotage of my frequency tracing attempts became more consistent and sophisticated, and eventually the frequency tracer was removed from my apartment, then later returned, apparently no longer in working order.

Similarly, by spring 2015 the dosimeter software to my radiation detector had been sabotaged and I could no longer record data directly from the device. However, I received numerous high radiation readings which I reported to the FBI, who told me it was a matter for police. I reported to police, and provided documentation. They have done nothing.

I did try to use the data I had collected from the Aceco device as supporting evidence to get the police, FBI, or hospital to do further investigation into the crime, but police and hospitals both claimed they had no ability to do this while the FBI simply claimed that the “don’t investigate this type of crime” – “this type of crime” being, presumably, crimes involving nonconsensual covert biomedical implant networks and wireless frequency (radiation) weapons.

My contention is that the FBI should be the ones who investigate this type of crime, that it is their jurisdiction, and that I have provided ample evidence to warrant an investigation.