Seeking help from law enforcement

September 21, 2021 report to FBI

The agent took a report, but then cut the call off abruptly.

(via the FBI tip form)
I've tried to report aspects of this crime several times to the FBI, so far without result, but according to my geiger counter I was just hit with a blast of nuclear radiation registering 1250 CPM and lasting for a full minute, as well as several other smaller blasts of radioactivity. This is in addition to other types of radiation on the EMF spectrum. There is a net of drones in the sky over me day and night. At night it looks like stars, but they are clearly not stars or planets as the magnitudes, locations, etc are all wrong. FAA appears to be covering this up. Police refuse to take a crime report. There is a community wide defamation campaign going on that involves doctors and my medical records being falsified. For this and other reasons, I suspect that this is beyond normal criminal activity, and that it may be intelligence linked.

I reported this to Portland FBI today but they hung up on me quickly and didn't give me any reason to suspect action would be taken to address the crime. FBI directory Christopher Wray stated, as quoted on your website "I think the biggest thing is an evolution (in FBI since 9/11) to focus very much on prevention and disruption. The goal is of course to stop the terrorists before they attack, not to catch people after they've attacked."

Here's a url showing the Geiger counter reading from today I have a lot of additional evidence, some can be seen at where I've been trying to do my own research. Thank you.

September 21, 2021 2:10pm
geiger counter reading shoots up to over 1250 CPM and stays in that range for about one minute. When this attack ended, my face felt mildly sunburned and I didn't feel well. I'm being subjected to multiple attacks simultaneously.