Noticing change in drone activity on Chris’ 64th birthday 7/11/2017

July 11, 2017

The beginning of 2017 was particularly rough as I had been experiencing increasingly severe directed energy attacks, at first it seemed from ground based hand-held weapons, and then it became clear, from other sources. In other words, for example, I started to notice I was experiencing effects of directed energy attacks while walking around the reservoir at Mt Tabor, when I was alone and out of the line of sight of any homes or cars – so I thought that the effects must be coming from an antenna, but later I noticed that there were drones in the sky, either invisible to the naked eye, or lit at night, mimicking stars.

Another thing that happened as I was experiencing all of this, was my next door neighbor was shot and killed and my daughter’s paternal uncle was stabbed to death, both in parking lots, and both on the same night – March 19-20, 2017. Shortly after that, on May 26, there was a mass stabbing on a Max train stopped at Hollywood Station one stop away, a location where I had already noticed a lot of strange activity and experienced directed energy attacks.

June 11, 2017 was Chris’ 63rd birthday. For his birthday, he wanted to go out for Fish and Chips at a nearby pub and restaurant called Horse Brass. I remember that right before we left, I had either left some clothes in the dryer or just pulled them out of the dryer, and that in that load of clothes were pajama bottoms which vanished between the time we went to the restaurant and the time we returned, and then re-appeared in my drawer several months later.

Another thing I remember about this night is it is the first time I noticed a certain type of flying aircraft around our home. I think I had notice the star-like drones around May of 2017, and was aware that there was at least one of two of them above our apartment every night. But on July 11, 2017 after we returned from dinner, I saw that there were also two unusual flying aircraft flying around and around the neighborhood. I later concluded, based on the unusual behavior of the aircraft, that these were also drones.

July 11, 2017 image showing starlike drone near our home
July 11, 2017 photo of starlike drone

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