Beginning to notice drone activity – May 2017

May 24-July 17 2017

I had noticed unusual aircraft behavior as early as summer 2014 after we’d moved into this apartment, at first mostly in the form of hearing small planes buzzing low over our apartment while we were inside. There was a lot that was strange about this. For one thing, it often seemed that it would start immediately after I woke up around 7 am, and that the planes almost seemed to be lined up in the sky, with a plane buzzing over, at times, about 1 per minute. When I went outside and saw the planes, they were small aircraft, sometimes small private jets that could seat several people. Later, in 2015, as I began to re-attend multimedia classes at Portland Community College I noticed other unusual flight activity. For example, there was a small low-flying white jet that seemed to follow me around town for several months – maybe even about a year. Another time I noticed that commercial air traffic seemed to have suddenly been re-routed over PCC Cascade campus.

Beginning in May 2017 I began to realize that there were drones in the sky over my neighborhood, and as far as I could tell, everywhere I went in Portland. For various reasons and based on observations which I can describe, I believe these drones are involved in a number of frequency-based manipulations of human behavior, health, and environmental effects including certain types of weather changes.

The first drones I noticed and identified as drones were stationary (or moved very slowly) and were lit to masquerade as stars. When not lit, they are invisible to the naked eye. They seem to be in the sky both night and day (have seen them flash on and off in the daytime). Here are some of my earliest attempts to photograph drones masquerading as stars.

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