First visit with Dr Rosenfeld 9/26/18

PMG Glisan

As I’ve said, it took me a bit of time to realize the extent to which my medical records were being fictionalized, and the stubbornness behind the fiction. In 2014 and 2015 when the first obvious crisis event occurred (by which I mean I was chased down, kidnapped, and forcibly hospitalized) medical records were typically kept on paper and could be accessed by a patient only through a formal request process. Since then, things have changed and records are increasingly available for examination through a computerized chart system.

Also, before this event, I had no particular reason to distrust doctors. Now that I understand better what has been going on, I realize there have been multiple instances of egregiously unethical behavior around me from doctors and nurses, ranging from covert biomedical implantation during doctor/hospital visits; doctors (and presumably counseling) visits being secretly surveilled, recorded and trafficked; and mutilations done under the guise of surgical mistakes. This is not specific to any one hospital or provider (though some have been worse than others), nor does it seem to have any connection to the likability of a doctor. It has been going on everywhere, including with doctors and nurses who appear to be kind and caring. The exceptions to this behavior have been few.

After going through a tremendous effort to get my faulty records changed at OHSU, only to receive a curt one-sentence dismissal, I decided to change providers. Initially I tried to go back to a provider Multnomah County Health Department East County Clinic that I had liked, but had left because around 2011 they had stopped allowing me to use the only pain medication that works on my back pain. I thought that since it had been a few years, I would re-try, but was told my previous provider was not accepting patients, so I was put with a new provider. Things immediately went badly with this provider.

I then thought that I would switch to Providence Health Systems, because it is near to where I live, and I had been using the Emergency Room there to deal with acute episodes of back pain. They recommended general practitioners to me. I was first put with a provider named White, whom I never saw. I then was given a provider named Dr. Shai Rosenfeld.

I liked Dr. Rosenfeld and thought we got along well and that the vist went well enough, so I was fairly shocked when I saw what his chart notes looked like.

Unfortunately I can’t remember much of the visit other than I thought it went well. I don’t think I spent a great deal of time talking about biomedical implants though I did mention it, especially since I’d recently experienced a terrifying attack to my heart. I do recall, from when I first examined the chart notes, that I had not said that the implants were “under government control.” In fact, at the time I had no idea who was behind them. One thing I’ve noticed, however, and this is both with doctors and police, is sometimes they will say I said something that I didn’t say – but that I later find out actually turns out to be true. Often it is something that absolves (or may seem to absolve) the person of whom I’m asking assistance of responsibility – or at least of full responsibility (“just following orders”). It’s possible this is one of those cases.

I’ve explained elsewhere why the assertion about implants isn’t a delusion.

A few other things about these chart notes – I never claimed that I had hip pain and wonder why he put that into the notes. As for being unsure about how evaluate the implant issue, that is to do with how to identify, or get an image of, these biomedical implants. At the time I had x-rayed a knee I knew had an implant in it, and couldn’t figure out why nothing seemed to show on the x-ray (granted, I was taking the doctor’s word for this).

I think the thing that surprised me most about his notes were the following psychiatric details (some of which he highlighted in red):

Psychiatric: Judgment normal. Her mood appears anxious. Her affect is angry. Her speech is rapid and/or pressured. She is agitated. Thought content is paranoid and delusional.

I thought we’d had a rather benign, pleasant visit. In addition to not being delusional, I was not angry or agitated.

Probably because I’d been documenting the changes in my skin from the near constant barrage of directed energy attacks affecting my skin, especially between January and July, I took a photo in the bathroom mirror at the clinic, either before or after the visit.

PMG Glisan photo - 26 Sept 2018
PMG Glisan photo – 26 Sept 2018

Another thing to note is the thing about my father having “heart disease.” This may seem tangental but is actually very important. One of the very insidious things about having hospitals involved in these biomedical attacks and murders as well as in patient health care is they basically manufacture a dossier of medical conditions that amounts to a menu of recipes for future attacks. My entire family, including my father, are implanted with biomedical devices. There are a number of ways that I can tell, but as far as my father goes, like so many people around me, he was in good health until the 2014 abduction event. It was a year or two after this that he suddenly developed heart irregularities and then, I was told immediately after pacemaker surgery, Parkinson’s disease. Similarly, my mother’s biological father was murdered with biomedical implants as well, dying of stomach cancer at age 54. It’s not that these doctors don’t know this already, but when you go in and tell them your medical history, what you are giving them is a menu for easy plausible deniability (and associated paper trail). It’s genetic, or it’s family environment, they will claim.

According to my mother, my father developed rashes on his eyebrows in early 2018, exactly the same time as me.

I saw this same thing in Chris’ records. Chris was made to believe his mother had Alzheimer’s disease, and that is what he told his doctors. That his mother had Alzheimer’s disease was a complete – and from my perspective – extremely obvious lie. Why Chris would believe it, I’m not sure, but he seemed to believe almost all the lies he was told, if they came from someone he trusted. He trusted his family, and he trusted his doctors.

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