Abduction event in Sacramento County 1/27-2/2/2014

January 27 – February 2, 2014

I have written and spoken about this in a number of places. There were a lot elaborate and crazy things happening around me, all in attempt, it seems, to gaslight me and instigate some kind of behavior which could then be twisted and painted as something else. The overt instigations seem to have gone back at least to around the time the nasty comments started appearing on my blog. Around January 18 I started noticing strange things about YouTube, and I also noticed our Facebook sites – personal and band sites – had been altered, photos added, text changed. There was a lot of ridiculing messages and implied death threats within all of this, presumably, in retrospect, to instigate behavior that would then be labeled as “paranoid.” That night (Saturday, January 18) I saw that my YouTube account had been compromised. On January 20, I noticed strange things with my Gmail account, including text changes (I think it was on a chat “away” message that kept changing) and a video-chat microphone that kept turning itself on. Due to this and other signs, it was on January 20 that it became clear to me that there had been unlawful surveillance going on inside our homes, including through computer webcams. But by that afternoon I had good reason to suspect that there was far more than webcam surveillance going on, and that a number of people were involved in some way. The initial abduction attempt was on January 20, 2014, when I tried to contact police about this issue, and involved a police officer and doctor overtly lying about my words and demeanor. The medical notes associated with that event actually support the idea that such surveillance had been going on, because there is a quote in those notes that was something I had either said privately to Chris, or had written into a letter which I put into a sealed envelope and left with Chris and that quote was “They control the music industry.” I said this privately, at home. I did not say it to the doctor.

By the end of the week, it had become clear that

  • I was experiencing unlawful surveillance that seemed to involve the community
  • I was being stalked, gaslit, menaced by people throughout the community
  • I could not trust police
  • I could not trust the attorney with whom we’d been working
  • There was something problematic about Chris’ musical career, that went back at least to the 1980s and that was somehow linked to Sub Pop and Nirvana

I was upset about all of this for a number of reasons, not the least of which I could tell that we were not just being surveilled but that the surveillance was being widely distributed. Foremost on my mind with the surveillance issues was that I had a teenage daughter. Of course this kind of thing affects the privacy, safety, security of everyone in the home.

It is for these reasons – or at least so I believed – that I decided to seek legal help in California, and that is where I was abducted. I now believe that the entire scenario was a set up to drive me to California.

At approximately 1 PM on January 27, 2014, I was abducted from a home in Carmichael, California by Sacramento County sheriffs, taken to an emergency room that appears to have been a cordoned off hospital wing of Dignity Health’s Mercy San Juan, and then transported to a mental health facility in Stockton called Dignity Health St Joseph’s Behavioral Health Center where I was held for several days, likely also in a cordoned off wing. There are fictionalized sheriffs’ reports and fictionalized medical reports associated with this event. The hospital staff engaged in trauma-based psychological practices including gaslighting, theatrical behaviors by staff designed to alienate and create trauma, deliberate instigations, tainting of foods and use of unpleasant odors presumably as a type of conditioning, use of directed energy weapons. Obviously, all of this was both disturbing and confusing.

Doctor's allegations as to why I was placed on a medical hold, January 27, 2014
A doctor’s allegations as to why I was placed on a medical hold, January 27, 2014. In fact, though I was in this facility from approximately 1pm 1/27 to 1am 1/28, I was left in the hallway the entire time. I was never placed into an exam room, nor did I ever speak to anyone who identified him or herself, or even appeared to be, a doctor.

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