First attempt to file police report 1/20/2014

One of the first things that happened on the morning of January 20, as I sat down to work at the computer, is another comment appeared on my website, reading in part “I’m afraid that you may become a danger to yourself and others.” This, as it turns out, was a veiled threat.

This comment, and others like it, claimed to be from – but it could have been from anyone. A person could put any email address into the comment field.  I traced the associated IP and at the time, it was registered in Portland (as of 2022, it’s somewhere else, North Carolina, I think). If I had to speculate as to who was making these comments I’d guess Steve Turner, guitar player of Mudhoney, and I could give a number of reasons why I say this. 

Comment left on blog post January 20, 2014 reading in part "At this point, I truly fear for your sanity. I'm afraid that you may become a danger to yourself and others."

This comment appeared at 10:15am on a blog post where I was analyzing coded meanings in colors. Shortly afterward, I noticed that text on my Gmail account was being altered, and a green button indicated that my web cam kept turning itself on (again, through a visual chat function on Gmail). This unusual behavior of my webcam was one of many signs telling me there was unlawful surveillance going on in private areas of our home, leading me to call police later that day.

Two officers, a male and female, met me outside of a coffeeshop called Karma Café which was just up Division on 82nd Avenue at the time (near PCC southeast campus). The officer I spoke with was Officer Zach DeLong. I didn’t get the name of the female officer who took a phone call right away was outside on the sidewalk while I spoke with Officer DeLong in the coffee shop. He told me he would allow me to make a report after being evaluated by a doctor, leading me to believe this was the normal routine. Instead, DeLong left me at the emergency room while the doctor attempted to place me on a medical hold.

Affidavit about the incidents of January 20, 2014, signed and notarized November 5, 2015

In this affidavit is a detailed recollection of the events that occurred between myself, Officer DeLong, and doctors and nurses at Adventist Hospital on January 20, 2014.

All the printed and digital copies of this affidavit kept vanishing from my records, sometimes with printouts re-appearing. I do believe that sometime around 2020 the affidavit finally disappeared from my records and was not returned, so all I have left are these copies of photos I took back in 2017.

Records from Adventist Emergency Room

As I explain in the affidavit notarized on November 5, 2015, these ER notes are almost entirely fiction, at least as it pertains to what I was doing and saying in the hospital room. I returned to Adventist (can’t recall exactly when, but it was likely 2015) and filled out a form explaining how the records were false, requesting they be corrected. I never heard back.

Karma Cafe on 82nd Avenue 2014

Karma Café – 2014

Tobi Vail tweet "laughing in the face of love" and link to John Lennon song Instant Karma on YouTube

Tobi Vail (K Records, Kill Rock Stars) posted this tweet about three hours after I went to meet Officer Zach DeLong (uncle of Kill Rock Stars artist Kirk DeLong) at Karma Café. It is a quote from the John Lennon song, “Instant Karma” (the link is to a pirated version of the song). To me this was further evidence of both surveillance and malfeasance as I had certainly not made it public that I was going to meet a police officer at the Karma Café. I suspected, and still suspect, that Tobi Vail and her sister Maggie are connection points between police and music industry finance.

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