Effort to remove false psychiatric diagnoses – Shaun Burns visit 2 3/12/2021

Here is the video from the visit

12 March 2021

Here are the chart notes. These notes, succinct as they are, still get things (other than the contested diagnosis) wrong, including the pull quote. What I said at the end of the visit was that I was not the one with fixed beliefs unamenable to change in light of conflicting evidence.

In fact I did not and do not think that the doctors and psychologists I’ve encountered who’s false diagnoses are unamenable to change are delusional. I think they are dishonest.

One of the things that Dr Burns says during the visit is he doesn’t want to get into trying to determine whether what I’m saying is true or not, or whether, or to what extent I can show evidence for the claims I’m making. But this is literally the whole reason I’m speaking with him. So again, it’s hard for me to understand now why I kept going back, other than that he asked me to.

This too is a pattern, and not only with doctors. It’s all about soothing me, distracting me, keeping me busy, making me feel better about the state of things as they are. It is insane.

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