Evidence that Chris Newman was murdered

I know that Chris was murdered, and furthermore, by the time Chris was diagnosed with terminal cancer, I had known for years that we were in danger, and had specifically told the FBI our lives were in danger at least once in May 2019, and probably again in 2020. The evidence that I have to support my allegation is circumstantial but persistent. There is also evidence of a cover up.

However, because the evidence is circumstantial and related to a penumbra of coded language and patterns around us, it’s hard to figure out what to include and what to leave out. One of the most common patterns, including in murders, are “twins” or matches – things that match other things in similarity, juxtaposition, or opposites.

Background: Burtha Thompson and Emma Belle Freeman (née Richart)

In 2019 I became interested in the story of two women linked to my hometown of Eureka, California, who lived around the turn of the 20th century and who both died young. There are various points in which both of these women’s stories seems to intersect with my own history, including people I knew and places I lived. This is a long story with a lot of layers to it, but it’s significant for a number of reasons, including that I believe both women had been murdered through covert means, and in both cases the murders were disguised as catastrophic medical events. Emma Belle Freeman, a white woman who worked as a photographer, died at age 48 of a catastrophic stroke while living in San Francisco in the area that would later be known as Dragon’s Gate. Burtha Thompson, a Yurok woman who worked as a nurse, died in Hell Gate, Montana, of an infection contracted after surgery for gall stones. Both women had been caught in scandals which in each case had been instigated by powerful men – but in each case, the women had been also been blamed for the scandals. Again, there is a much larger story here, and some of it relates to my daughter’s paternal family, also Yurok, also with the surname Thompson.

With regards to the death of Emma Belle Freeman, I believe she was killed with beam technology, probably UHF beams, aimed at dental work. I believe Burtha Thompson was poisoned. The men/families who seem to have been significant here were the political family in Chicago called Yates (Richard Yates) in the case of Emma Freeman and in the case of Burtha Thompson, it’s not clear – but just prior to her death she had been looking into the history of a man she’d been married who she thought was a Cherokee named Chief White Elk – but he turned out to be a con-man named Edgar LaPlante with roots in snake oil (traveling medicine show). (This also appears to be a link to how my daughter was honey trapped 2018-2021.)

Medical issues (biomedical attacks) increasing after 2013

Chris had a number of illnesses going back to at least 1980, and other medical conditions going back to childhood, which I now realize were almost certainly linked to medical manipulations through piezo-electrical biomedical networks. Around the time I published the initial article on Napalm Beach, September 2013, Chris began to experience high blood pressure. In June 2019, two weeks after I sought help from the FBI, he was hospitalized with heart failure. On or around January 6, 2020 he was diagnosed with terminal gall bladder cancer – a disease most often seen in Native American women. Around this time, and after Chris died, I experienced increasing directed attacks to my head around my eyes and around tooth 14 and 15.

Meanwhile, lot of other people around us have been dying of sudden catastrophic heart attacks, strokes, and cancers.

In 2019, a lot of people in Portland (and I see from Google maps street view photos, other locations) were digging holes in their front yards, in gardens, etc. Sometimes it would be many small shallow cavities, sometimes 1, 2, or 3 prominent holes.

People in Portland around this time were also increasingly decorating homes and yards with Halloween decorations, including bones and graveyard decor, outside of the Halloween season. Orange warning cones were also showing up in ways that seemed more like signalling (or random) than warning of a specific hazard.

2019 and 2020 also seemed to mark a huge increase in new construction and renovation projects and a flood of new cars, especially high end luxury cars, into Portland, despite the pandemic.

With regards to gall bladder issues, Chris’ initial symptoms seem to have been a heavy increase of phlegm and bile, but this was specifically at night and I was only aware of it because he was vomiting bile into a trash can near the bed.


The pattern of suffering (biomedical attacks) specifically at night continued to the end, and often I was experiencing parallel symptoms simultaneously with Chris. This was also true when Chris was suffering heart problems. For example, he and I might suddenly and simultaneously experience difficulty breathing. A lot of this is documented in my journals.

Chris became very ill immediately after New Years 2021 – again, he was ok during the day, at least at first, but suffering terribly at night. Eventually he became too ill to play guitar. The way that Chris described some of the pain he was experiencing was almost identical to intestinal attacks that I had suffered in October and November 2017, with sensations of pain seeming to move around inside your stomach or intestinal area. This was also during the time I was being poked and attacked through a set of wire-like implants in my throat, and those attacks were also associated with a heavy increase in phlegm.

On the night of January 4-5 I convinced him Chris to go to the hospital. He took a Lyft and arrived at Providence Portland shortly after midnight. I walked there after him with his phone which he’d forgotten, and saw things along the way, like a black and white quilt top on the sidewalk, made from a type of Chinese cotton fabric I’d purchased for making masks, orange cones, and white powder sprinkled around.

 Cancer Diagnosis

Chris was diagnosed with gallbladder carcinoma January 6th or 7th, and soon after he was told it had spread and there was nothing that could be done for him. He was given six months to a year, or possibly up to two years to live, and was told that he could increase his life span by eating good foods. He was told that they didn’t see the cancer when he was in the hospital for heart failure because of where it was located (though Chris’ records seem to me indicate something out of the ordinary had in fact been seen, that further exploration had been recommended, but that Chris was not told about this, and no further tests were done).

It may sound strange, but while Chris was in the hospital I was literally receiving medical updates about him in dreams. For example, I’d have a dream about the cancer having spread, and where it had spread to, before he told me about it. This is similar to past instances where I’d have a dream that Chris had relapsed on heroin just before or just after he’d relapsed (but before he’d come home or seen me post-relapse). The reason this kind of thing happens is because of the capabilities of this frequency based technology. It is one of the many ways that indicate close connections between this covert biomedical technology, neurobiology, and hospitals.

Chris was made to suffer more and more. The patterns of his suffering, especially paired with other things going on, indicated that his disease process was being externally managed, and it was being managed in such a way as to prevent him from having his last wish – which was to write and record a final album – to create as much suffering as possible at night, to make sure that he died, and to kill him much more quickly than the cancer would have killed him through a natural process.

I was also made to suffer in a lot of ways that were parallel to what Chris was experiencing. This is one of the many ways I knew he was not just suffering a disease process, he being tortured.

One of the most obvious tortures that was done to Chris was the cutting off of his ability to defecate and urinate, causing extreme discomfort. Similarly, in January 1992 my pet siberian husky was tortured to death this way. Before that event had happened, I’d had a number of predictive dreams.

About midnight on May 1, Chris walked to the bathroom, tried to use the toilet, then suddenly lost all strength and mobility in his muscles. I had to throw the mattress off the bed onto the floor, and I literally had to drag him from the floor of the bathroom and pull him onto the mattress, as he couldn’t even crawl or lift his own body weight.

Chris’ Will

In late April, we’d been discussing and working on Chris’ will. On April 27, hospice nurse and notary Kimberly Wall interviewed Chris in private to try to ensure that Chris’ wishes were being respected, that he wasn’t being coerced, and that I wasn’t abusive. This was one of three interviews that happened in the days before Chris died where Chris was being asked about the quality of his care and specifically whether I was being abusive. The nurse asks him “do you feel safe?” and Chris says, “Oh yeah we never hurt each other.” The nurse had handed him the will, asked him to read it, read it to him, asked him if it was his words and desires, and ultimately determined that things were in order and we arranged to meet with her and Chris’ two chosen witnesses at 1pm on May 4 to sign and notarize the document.

Minutes after the will was signed I noticed a number of mysterious bruises on my legs. I had not been injured; the bruises simply appeared out of thin air. On the day Chris died, I noticed even more bruises.

After the will was signed things continued to deteriorate. Chris continued to be attacked through these biomedical implants, especially at night. On May 6, not knowing how to get help for Chris, I live streamed the sound of Chris crying out for help, hoping someone would help. He was suffering because he was unable to urinate or defecate and the situation was now even worse because he couldn’t move out of the bed. This seems to have led not to getting help for Chris, but to more accusations of me being abusive. That said, hospice became somewhat more responsive after this. 

Accusations of abuse

The following day a representative from Multnomah County Adult services and then two police officers came, apparently following up on abuse reports. Both said they found no evidence of abuse, however, after the police left my apartment, I noticed Chris’ wallet was missing from the shelf where I’d placed it. In its place was a card left by one of the police officers. I reported this to a police oversight board. The wallet re-appeared weeks later in a completely different part of the apartment and the police oversight board closed the case.

Mother’s Day

On April 8 my daughter came with a gift and card for Chris and a mother’s day gift for me. She had brought Chris a jar of salmon that he loved so much. He’d been craving this delicacy a couple of weeks earlier and I told him I didn’t think there was any way we could get this kind of food. It turns out she’d had this jar stashed away. But by now Chris was too sick to eat or have any visitors. My mother also came by and said Chris’ sister Becky had called her and asked if Chris could have visitors. The hospice nurse, a man named Michael, told my mom that Chris was too sick for visitors. Chris was no longer fully conscious. Mother’s Day, the following day, is the day that Chris died – four months after his diagnosis. That morning the hospice workers had told me that he might die on this day or he might day a few days from now, and they told me to expect his breathing, etc to gradually slow down. But that isn’t what happened. What happened was that a couple of hours before he died our cat Roxy walked to the foot of his bed and flopped over, like she was playing dead. Then, just as I was getting ready to give him his medications, I looked over at Chris, saw a blue dot flash over his heart seconds before he took a breath in and then suddenly stopped breathing. I see these blue dots fairly often. They seem to be related to related to implants in my eyes and they seem to warn of attacks from or via medical systems. There’s a lot more to be said about this as well, but it’s among the experiences I have which, other than a frequency scan, I don’t have any other empirical evidence to corroborate.

I looked at the clock then, and it read 11:33 pm. This number is significant and symbolic to Chris for a number of reasons and worth more attention. It is another sign that Chris died not from the cancer but from his heart and/or breathing being artificially stopped.

I knew Chris had been murdered but it didn’t occur to me to press the issue at that point, especially considering that the last time the police were around, his wallet had gone missing. So I did not call the police or ask for an autopsy.


The following morning I went outside to the front garden, probably taking compost out, and noticed that a large sage plant that had been growing in the gaden outside our apartment that I’d been caring for, had been chopped down overnight. In other words, it had been there the previous day, and it had been there the whole seven years we lived in this apartment, and now it had been chopped down. I thought it would grow back but it didn’t – someone had apparently not just chopped it down, but used herbicide to kill the root system. It seems like this was probably intended to be some kind of symbolism linked to Wipers and Greg Sage, who had worked with Chris musically in the early 1980s. Wipers/Napalm Beach drummer Sam Henry would die of stomach cancer less than a year later.

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