Honeytrapping my Daughter 2018-2021

In January 2018, as part of her engineering program at Portland Community College, my daughter began an internship in Washington DC, where she was given the opportunity to learn about how the US government works. She stayed at George Washington University, housed in a building called The Dakota.

My daughter is Yurok. While she was in Washington DC she began a relationship with a student at Howard University. She believed he was Seminole, with Black and Latino heritage as well. I believe he may have been a military veteran. They became very involved, and after she came home, she told me that he was coming to Portland to live with her. My understanding is that around the time moved to Portland, he had graduated and been accepted into law school at Harvard, which he turned down in order to be with my daughter. She believed (because he told her) he intended to marry her.

By the time he had moved to Portland I had reason to suspect he was a honeytrap and not to be trusted, but by that point they were a serious couple and any warnings I had to offer were not received. It didn’t help that people whom Brook trusted seemed to like him and in some cases, told her that I was being “controlling.”

In 2021 she learned that he had never been exclusive with her, and I heard, though I haven’t asked her to confirm, that it was revealed he isn’t even Seminole.

This would fit the same pattern that both I and Chris have experienced over our lives, where a person comes into your life as a romantic partner, in bad faith, with intent to deceive, trap, to prevent you from progress for years at a time, and when the relationship ends, apparently is then given means to create additional harm throughout your life.

The Dakota (Google Maps) 2017
The Dakota 2017
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The Dakota 2018




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