Crimes, Torts, and Constitutional Rights Violations

Here are some the crimes I’ve observed or experienced:

  • unlawful surveillance
  • human trafficking via surveillance and medical implant systems, including trafficking of child pornography, medical trafficking of children and adults involving nonconsensual medical procedures and/or human subjects research (22 U.S. Code § 7102)
  • theft – both burglary and intellectual property theft
  • sabotage, hacking, evidence tampering
  • criminal negligence
  • coercion and bribery
  • assault and battery
  • inchoate offenses – solicitation, conspiracy, stalking, murder attempts
  • aggravated kidnapping
  • aggravated murder 

Here are some of the torts:

  • trespass to chattels
  • medical malpractice
  • fraud, including fraud with malicious intent
  • blacklisting at a global scale (I don’t even know how to describe this blacklisting, it’s so massive – literally no one with any non-fraudulent intent seems to have been permitted to come near us – and via external mechanations and set ups, we were never permitted to move out of poverty)
  • wrongful death
  • conspiracy
  • libel

There are also violations under Amendments 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 13, 14 of the US Constitution – which I can further clarify if any of this is not already clear from everything I have been describing, violations of most of the Human Rights Articles under the UNDHR (In 2015 I noted violations under UNDHR Articles 1-12, 17-23, 25, 27-30).

The basic framework that I’m dealing with is that beginning on January 20, 2014, I identified and tried to report a crime I saw was being committed in my home, against me, my daughter who at the time had just turned 18, and my husband. By my husband, I mean Chris Newman, to whom I was not legally married but who was for all intents and purposes my husband. With enough observed evidence to at least warrant a police report and investigation, I attempted to report unlawful surveillance to police. By “unlawful surveillance” I meant that I had seen signs of cameras hidden inside our home. By that time I already had enough evidence that someone with some expertise in the area should have been able to investigate and find more information.  However, rather than take a report from me, with no cause whatsoever, the police officer attempted to have me put on a 48 hour psychiatric hold. A doctor at Adventist hospital at first went along with this plan, then changed course and released me. Later, I saw that there were gross falsifications in that medical record as well as a “tell” indicating that not only was I correct about the surveillance, but that the doctors themselves were somehow accessing the surveillance data. This is the also the precise moment that particularly damaging psychological diagnoses (diagnoses along the psychosis spectrum) began to appear in my records. It doesn’t take a mastermind detective to figure out what the motivation for a false diagnosis of that type might be.

Later (1/27/14) I was successfully abducted under false pretenses, and held in a mind control facility which I am now calling black site. There is obviously a larger story here but by now it’s an older part of the same problem. What it does is help provide context, because it seems like the same players have been involved in the same or similar activities going back decades. These include not just medical systems and law enforcement agencies but the entertainment industry and high-stakes financial entities.

The events of January 2014 seemed to initiate or expose a pattern that simply began to repeat itself again and again, with the associated crimes growing larger, more coercive, and more violent. Essentially, despite me trying everything I know how to try, I seem to be no closer to justice or physical safety than I was in 2014. Meanwhile, I’ve been suffering from a relentless barrage of physical/biological attacks through a network of covert piezoelectrical biomedical implants. That is what the evidence tells me, anyway. My efforts to address this biological situation through medical systems are regularly met with obfuscation, obstruction, violence, and defamation.

Although I have organized and presented what I think is a tremendous amount of evidence to support my allegations of intrusive surveillance, subterfuge, and biomedical / radiation attacks  I am unable to get what seems like it should be a very simple test from medical providers or law enforcement – a frequency scan which would provide more information about the high frequency signals I have already detected coming from specific locations in my body. Surveillance and associated issues (subterfuge, trafficking, intellectual property theft) have also not been properly addressed. As I have said repeatedly, this refusal to investigate or otherwise address the issue puts our lives in danger from radiation-induced disease like the cancer that killed Chris, as these directed energy attacks occur day and night.

By now it’s obvious that there are government entities linked to both the surveillance and the biomedical implants, and that is likely part of the reason my pleas for help are being ignored. Even though what I am experiencing is violent, it is not something the criminal justice system is acknowledging and may in fact be something they are directly involved in. Hospitals, doctors, and dentists all seem to behave in a unified manner in covering up and facilitating this crime, suggesting that there is a single entity coordinating their behaviors. 

Something that I think is very significant here is the involvement of what appears to be all hospital systems, as well as other medical entities including insurance, medical and bio-pharmaceutical research, academic institutions, dentists, etc.  What I am observing is medical doctors and dentists coordinating behavior in order to cover up medical malfeasance which includes a system of human trafficking (surveillance trafficking, medical trafficking), assault/injury, and murder.

Because of the involvement of law enforcement/FBI, until something changes in the federal government, this will not be handled in the criminal justice system. That is where the evidence is pointing, and has been pointing since January 2014. But I still desperately need protection from the crime, and I need somehow to access medical assistance that has not been poisoned by this crime system, and that is simply impossible right now.

page updated 28 August 2022