Attempt to discuss tooth 14 extraction site problem, embedded object behind tooth 15, with surgery team 2/3/22

January-February 2022

I continued to have problems near the extraction site, eventually noticing what seemed to be a hard chip-like object behind the tooth 14 extraction site and to the back (basically behind tooth 15).

map of teeth (numbered)
numbered map of teeth

I felt what seemed like a hard, flake-shaped object, with the tissue around it inflamed, hot, etc, and I continued (and continue to this day) to feel frequency attacks to the left side of my head seemingly focused on the area of the extraction site and surrounding.

So I asked to speak with surgery team. This is what I had been instructed to do after the surgery, should I continue to have problems with the area. At first it seemed like it would be a straightforward thing for me to speak with Dr Patel or another surgeon in the clinic, but then they changed direction, saying I had to have a referral from a dentist first. This of course slowed down the process (and even more so when the dentist I eventually saw claimed there was nothing wrong, and refused to refer me). When I did finally get a referral in mid March, I was then told (by an office manager, I think) that my only option was to speak with Dr Patel (as opposed to another surgeon), because everyone at head+neck associates essentially worked for him, or with him as co-owners, and therefore they would all have the same opinion.

head+neck associates Google Maps street view 2016
head+neck associates Google Maps street view (2016)

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