Third meeting with Dr Patel, discussion of tooth 14 extraction, and tooth 15 issues 3/31/22

I followed up on the referral from Roots Dental and was able to see Dr Patel on March 31, 202. Dr Patel continued to describe these issues as bone spurs. That is not correct.

I followed up on the referral from Roots Dental and was able to see Dr Patel on March 31, 2022. They asked to do a CT scan which I turned down, because by now it seems pretty clear that there is a high level of complicity in medical groups with whatever/whoever (federal agencies?) are involved in this covert, unethical biomedical research and cancer experiments (assassinations). There is more to describe here, but generally speaking, there is a tendency to order lots of expensive imaging tests that do not address the problem at hand.

Dr Patel continued to describe these issues as bone spurs. This is not correct. It’s clear to me that whatever is on the inside of tooth 15 is not attached to bone, but something very small, embedded in the skin. Sometimes it feels larger than it is because the tissue around it is swollen – that is typical of these subcutaneous implants. I have reason believe the object behind tooth 15 is about 1 millimeter in diameter.

It logically makes sense that Dr Patel the most likely person to have placed this implant in my mouth. Thus it follows that I could not logically expect to receive an honest assessment from him, about what I was experiencing. But what was happening was, my access to all other oral surgeons in the Portland area was being restricted. Two different surgeons at Sunset Oral Surgery refused to see me, telling me that I should instead contract a neurologist. This is for reasons that are still unclear to me and for which I’ve requested a scientifically supported explanation.

Dr Patel was – and so far still is – the only oral surgeon who would speak with me at all.

On 3/31/22, as in our previous follow up visit on 3/3/2019, I mentioned the strange “cat’s cradle” sutures he had done. He had no explanation for that. He did tell me that it would not be possible that the object I felt on 3/3/19 on outside of the tooth 14 extraction cavity could not be the same object I was feeling on the inside of tooth 15. In other words, he said it was not possible for something to migrate across or through the extraction cavity. He described both of them as bone spurs and used language in his notes to reenforce this idea – “osseous ridge, bony prominence, bony spur.” I contend, based on what I’ve observed, that neither one of the objects felt around the extraction site was or is a bone spur.

By describing these objects as bone spurs, the surgery that would be needed to remove them seems to be a bit invasive, involving grinding down of bone etc. In fact, I think that with accurate location of the object behind tooth 15, that particular implant could be very easily removed.

March 31, 2022 chart notes Dr Patel

I see that in some of these notes Dr Patel writes “pain in her left jaw for over the last two years.” This is not exactly how I would, or did describe my symptoms. He goes on to say that “she reports when touching the area she feels sensation on the right side of her nose and sometimes the whole left side of her face goes numb.” I have no idea where this comes from.

The way I described the issues included words like “heating, inflammation, swelling, vibration” – but there was never any numbness and I never used that word, and the idea that there was something going on with the right side of my nose is not even close to what I was describing.

There were other issues with this visit as well. For one thing, doctors and dentists kept disagreeing as to whether this was a medical or dental issue, and after refusing to see me without a referral, head+neck refused or were unable to bill my insurance for the visit, because they didn’t have a relationship with my dental or medical provider, while the oral surgeon to whom I was referred by Providence, Sunset Oral Surgery, refused to see me, saying my issue was not an oral surgery issue but a neurology issue. I wrote Sunset Oral Surgery a letter asking for clarification – why they would say this – but as of August 22, 2022 have not heard back.

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