Piezo-electrical biomedical imagery matches: 1992-2013

So far, in this site, I’ve avoided talking about dreams, because I’m trying to focus on the types of evidence that everyone agrees is evidence. But in reality, in this situation, dreams should be considered a type of evidence in the same way that a radio broadcast might be. I have kept dream journals since 1983.

The following images from 1992 dreams seem to intertwine with other types of evidence in a compelling enough way that I’m including them here. They point to

  • use of networked piezoelectrical biomedical implants, and the idea that it is actually a very old practice (and was already old in 1992)
  • the links to Sub Pop bands, especially Mudhoney
  • links to Europe
  • links to medicine or maybe more specifically medical school
  • hints about how covert reporters distort reality

The first two images are from February 1992 dream journals. In one, I dream about doing a dance in a circle wearing a some kind of collar; and in the other I discover pins in my back (and sketch out what both of them look like) – compare the sketches to the jewelry shown on the 2013 Malheus Mudhoney poster, and to the diagram of the German-made “Mini Spheres” piezoelectric biomedical implants.

In the “pins” dream, I attribute the pins to acupuncture a friend of mine from high school, Vân Trang, maybe learned in Togo. In real life, Vân Trang had been in the Peace Corps in Togo. She later went to medical school and became a doctor. Last I heard (2010), she was working in Portland, for Multnomah County Health Department (though she’s changed her name). After that, I lost touch with her.

In the “collar” dream, I say that my hair is long and thick “like Joanie’s kids.” That was my aunt Joan in Minnesota, and as far as I know, all of her three daughters now work in health care, the eldest being a pediatric oncologist.

With regards to the distortion of reality, it’s shown rather effectively in the Mudhoney poster by how the graffiti behind me in the Dante’s photo morphs into smoke – and quite likely points to a perpetrator. (There is a related story Chris used to tell about Mudhoney-signed graffiti directed towards his band in a European club, circa 1991. In a court situation, Mudhoney’s sworn testimony would be invaluable.) The skull earrings suggest not just death, but a collection of deaths. The jewelry mimics the shapes of piezo-electrical biomedical devices. The lip gloss in my hand morphs into a marijuana joint. And clothing is removed, exposing a breast.

web page updated 22 August 2022