Ongoing issues with evidence tampering and destruction

August 11, 2022

I have been archiving materials about this crime for several years now, and have had to cope with a persistent ongoing problem with evidence tampering and destruction, both of physical files and digital files, including paper files hidden in cupboards and digital files on back up drives and cloud drives.

There seems to be a pattern of evidence (and intellectual property) destruction linked to Chris’ music and artistic career – to the point of songs and even entire albums simply vanishing – and to our (Chris and my) medical records. Chris seems to have kept journals for most of his life, and when we moved to this apartment, he had a suitcase full of letters. All of Chris’ letters and journals prior to 2015 have vanished. Many of my photos (including an entire album focused family Christmas photos), personal letters, and some of my journals have vanished.

I began organizing and archiving my documents on this WordPress powered site about a week ago, and during this past week I have experienced apparent minor acts of sabotage of this site as well. A few days after it was posted, I noticed the embedded Pollack affidavit pdf had vanished from the associated web page and I had to re-link it. I also noticed some of my categories going missing, a few repeatedly. For some reason the category labeled “tooth 15” kept going missing, and then the category “head+neck associates” went missing.

Another thing that happened is that for three days straight, this website kept going down for several hours at a time – and only this WordPress-drive website. None of the other sites, including a WordPress site, I had running on the same servers had this problem. Dreamhost says they have done some kind of work on the server today so hopefully that will no longer be an issue.

When evidence tampering and electronic interference is this persistent it’s hard to evaluate any one instance and know exactly what was going on, but when the same thing happens again and again, the pattern becomes obvious.

August 24, 2022 update: I have seen signs of text being altered or deleted on this site.

this web page updated 24 August 2022