Increasing problems with crown, tooth 14 (2019)

July-December 2019

Approximately one month after Chris was hospitalized with heart failure, I began to see the dentist and ask for a replacement crown. The problems with tooth 14 had been gradually increasing, going back probably to at least April 2019.

The dentist kept telling me everything was fine with the crown.

It looks like I saw the dentist and complained about the crown on July 8 and 25, then again on November 21.

There are patterns seen here in medical and dental notes, mostly that my concerns are poorly represented, but some things are more specific, for example the false statement that I left before the exam was finished. That was not true. This statement has shown up again and again in records – it was in Dr Pollack’s psychological notes, it was in this dentist’s notes, and it was in the notes of another dental provider. It may be in other notes as well. In each case it’s been false, as have been allegations put into some of my notes that I behaved in abusive, harassing, or menacing ways. This looks to be medical malfeasance covered up by a very widespread, pre-planned, carefully scripted defamation campaign.

web page updated 9 August 2022