Final visit with Dr Rosenfeld 2/17/20

17 Feb 2020 – Dr Rosenfeld, audio

A few things about this. First, the purpose of this website is to establish that I have been subjected to a pervasive pattern of malfeasance and medical abuse, in order to have this issue addressed. At this point, the only path I can see to do this is through access to the legal system, as I believe I’ve tried everything else. To this end, I’m electing not to litigate my entire relationship with any given doctor though this website, meaning, I’m not going to upload all the emails that I sent to, or received from Dr Rosenfeld, nor am I going to upload recordings from every visit, nor attempt to explain here everything that was and was not going on, my concerns and motivations, etc. This can be done, if needed, through a court process. Generally speaking, my interactions with Dr Rosenfeld, including emails, were intended to address the medical issues at hand, but other things were clearly going on, and I was struggling to understand what those things were. Dr Rosenfeld was not being transparent with me, and his being upset at my researching his history online was likely largely because he wasn’t being transparent. At the same time, based on some of the stuff that I found online, it’s possible someone else may have been playing gotcha games with him as well as me.

I do think it’s worth comparing the content of the visit with the kinds of things showing up in my chart notes. One thing, for example, that I found confusing was him conversationally asking me if I planned to see another doctor at the same clinic, and then at the end of the visit saying “I hope to see you again around the clinic,” when according to caseworker notes, later, Dr Rosenfeld felt so intimidated, he asked the clinic manager to ask me to go elsewhere. That said, that’s not what the clinic manager told me. She said she thought I’d be more comfortable elsewhere – as if I was so upset by Dr Rosenfeld I wouldn’t want to go back to the PMG Glisan. Clearly someone, or many people, were not being honest.

The result of all of this is they had to organize a transition team in order for me to find appropriate ongoing medical care, and for months afterwards, every so often it would come up in my records that a doctor at this clinic felt so intimidated by my “behavior” that I was asked to leave the clinic. Again, this kind of thing is typical for my medical records post 2013 – the organizing of teams to deal with my “complex” issues, contact with social workers, doctors claiming that I intimidated them, etc. In fact, I would say that post 2013 this has been pattern not just in medicine, but generally speaking – that I am preemptively accused of the very behavior I’ve been the subject of, especially stalking, harassment, and verbal or even physical abuse.

Dr Rosenfeld chart notes 1
I don’t think there’s actually any point in this visit where I say I think he is involved in the conspiracy to hurt me. That said, I had made some allegations at a previous visit, based on information I’d been given. And it’s very possible – even likely – the allegations are correct.
Dr Rosenfeld chart notes 2
Dr Rosenfeld chart notes 3
Dr Rosenfeld chart notes 4
The following is a note from the clinic manager at PMG Glisan. What she had actually said to me on the phone was that she felt I’d be more comfortable at a different clinic, with the implication being that my interactions with Dr Rosenfeld had been so traumatic (for me), I wouldn’t even want to take the chance of being in the same building with him.
note from PMG clinic manager Heather
25 Nov 2020 note from PMG clinic manager Heather N

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