Effects to breathing 11/10/2022

I have been coping with varying levels of severe back and neck pain (spasms) since October 10. I have found ample evidence that this recurring back pain is being externally created via a number of subcutaneous biomedical implants in my back and neck. Ever since I made up my mind to do whatever it takes to get to the bottom of this problem – medically, scientifically, and legally – the attacks have worsened. It is unusual but not unheard of for these attacks to last a month or longer. I was at the doctors three times last month trying to manage this pain. I have explained to my doctor more than once that what I am experiencing is literally torture – by which I mean, it is being done on purpose to create pain, suffering – and that my life is in danger from the biomedical implants – something I’ve been saying to doctors since 2018. This doctor has basically told me there are no options for me to pursue and address what I know is going – the use of covert, nonconsensual, piezoelectrical, wirelessly operated, biomedical torture and assassination implants. I have told him that the FBI is behind this, though I don’t think he put anything in my chart notes about me describing this as torture by FBI. Instead, there are false or misleading psychiatric diagnoses that doctors – every doctor – is either unwilling or unable to remove. Part of the reason for this website is to show what kind of evidence I have to support my assertions. This is not all the evidence, but there is a lot here.

I have run into walls again and again with law enforcement, and with medicine. I have found evidence that Chris was murdered and that the hospital – the same network I use – was complicit. I have decided to pursue this problem through the courts. Of course the FBI knows this because the level of surveillance is so intense. This of course endangers me further. It is akin to a woman attempting to free herself from an abusive partner, but worse because of the power, finance, technology behind this, and what is at stake. It is maybe more like a slave trying to escape the master, or trying to end a whole system of slavery. This is a high stakes situation with global impact. Evidence points to this: the FBI and CIA have been running a global financed surveillance, biomedical abuse, and assassination system. 

Because of the level of pain I’ve been experiencing, I asked last month for the doctor to increase my allotted monthly pain meds. Based on my history, knowledge, and behavior I am a low risk for addiction and I explained why this is. I went through the list of other concerns – meds being stolen (FBI does get into my apartment at will, even if I am here, they can knock me out with these implants – but rarely do they interfere with prescribed meds) – danger of children accessing meds (there are no children around) – and the concerns more unique to me. Because this is torture, I explained, there is a danger that as I increase a monthly allotment of pain medication, the torturers simply turn up the torture. It’s as if the pain is on a dial that gets turned up and down. And in fact, that seems to be happening. A couple of days ago, I was down to a very low amount of pain meds and thought that maybe by today I’d be finished taking them for a while. Instead, yesterday and today the pain increased drastically. It does seem to be happening now that I take medication, begin to feel better, and then the pain level increases again, in ways that it hadn’t done in the past. 

Today I took about as much pain medication as I ever take. Because I’ve been in pain for a solid month I’ve built up some tolerance. I took the maximum amount prescribed. It’s not enough to overdose, however shortly after I went to bed, while I was trying to get to sleep, I suddenly experienced breathing problems that woke me up, which is why I’m awake now at 2:40am. I knew that the breathing problems were not from the medication, but it doesn’t matter. This is what is going on now – people are simply dropping dead. If there are any opioids in the system, they’ll call it an opioid overdose. Police and other government officials seem to be completely compliant with this assassination system. They do not expose it and many times will lie on its behalf.

Before Chris was assassinated with cancer (he was actually killed by his heart and/or breathing being stopped), whenever I took opioids, especially if it was ever outside the norm in any way, I would have him witness exactly what I was taking and how much. The reason was that I’d experienced these breathing issues before and I already was hip to the fact that people were being assassinated while using opioids, under the guise of an opioid overdose. I believe that happened to Chris’ ex-girlfriend Nancy Loeffler and many others. Opioid tolerance can vary a lot, and like I said, many signs indicate that police and first responders all over the country are helping to cover for these murders. 

My family was ripped apart in 2014 and I’ve been trying to put it back together ever since. Now that Chris is gone I am very isolated and this endangers me further. I hope that I am able to get an injunction to stop this activity by the FBI (and CIA) so that we can work this out safely in the courts. But the truth is, these entities have grown very accustomed to this way of operating. The dangerous elements within the organizations seem to have consolidated a tremendous amount of power and be operating under a massive sense of privilege and entitlement and expect to have their way with everyone.