This was a virtual visit in which to my recollection I was in enough pain I didn’t feel comfortable sitting at my desktop computer, and so I stayed and bed visited via my phone. Dr Warrrington to my recollection was recovering from COVID. I have an audio recording labeld “Dr Warrington” that begins at 11AM and is 40 minutes long, but for the first 15 minutes is stacatto unpleasant noise and then there is no sound at all for the next 25 minutes, a sign of possible sabotage. I have been using this particular recording software since 2018, and didn’t have an issue with it until this year when I’ve saved few files that seemed to be recording, but end up without any sound at all through part or all of the recording.

soundwave image showing truncated file

Three days before this visit, I’d sent Dr Warrington a suggested draft of a letter to mail to biomedical researchers. Along with the draft letter, I gave Dr Warrington the names of seven nearby biomedical researchers and/or lab operators in the academic realm who’s specialty areas I thought would mean that they would have the necessary access and expertise to evaluate the situation, or at the very least, to refer us to somewhere, or someone with the necessary qualifications.

  • To: Dr Warrington, Providence Cascade
  • From: Erika Meyer
  • Date: June 20, 2022

Subject: Ideas for draft text re: inquiry about testing for existence of wirelessly operated biomedical implants, and researchers who should either be able to test for these things, and/or offer other information about how to go about this (and/or who is technologically capable of helping with such things)

Once the text is finalized, my preference would be for this to go out both via email and mail, and I would like to be cc’ed.

Draft text: I have a patient with a number of medical issues (pain, tissue damage) which she claims are the result of surreptitiously implanted piezoelectrical wirelessly-operated biomedical devices.

Reasons why this patient believes that implants are involved include:

  • Somatic sensations in specific locations in the body (pulling, vibrating, heating, etc)
  • redness, inflammation, irritation associated with some of these same locations
  • localized areas of subcutaneous inflammation which come and go over the years, but always in the same location, as if there is an object embedded
  • wireless signals detected by patient using a frequency tracer, seeming to come from specific areas in the body, some of which are linked to somatic sensations

Reasons why this patient believes that the implants are piezoelectrical transponders/transducers include:

  • Size/shape of alleged objects – when something has been visible under skin or in x-ray, sizes range from long and very thin hair or wirelike structures arched (in throat) or looped (under skin on back) – to staple-like (under skin on back) to patch-shaped (in cavity of tooth 14), to 1mm or less in diameter “specks” (object implanted behind tooth 15). These seem consistent with sizes, shapes associated with piezoelectrical biomedical implants, and she suspects the thin/small crystalline structures may explain why it’s difficult to see most of these objects on traditional medical x-rays.
  • Her reported experience of unusual patterns of injury that to her seems linked to these locations and alleged embedded objects (patient can explain further as needed), including but not limited to the somatic sensations mentioned above.

The patient suffers from a number of ailments, some debilitating, which she claims are linked to these wirelessly operated embedded piezoelectrical biomedical devices and has sought my help in confirming the existence of, locating, and otherwise identifying some of these devices. However, my research shows that in Providence Hospital systems, we do not have the proper equipment for such an endeavor. Patient’s investigation has shown that that most work linked to piezoelectrical biomedical implants of this sort is in medical research done in colleges and universities, and that it appears to be, in fact, a very active area of medical research at this time (materials research, wirelessly operated and accessed biomedical implants). To this end, she has asked me to send inquiries to biomedical facilities.

Her hope is that a laboratory in the local area possesses the equipment necessary to pick up signals from, or otherwise confirm and/or locate one or more of these devices. She’s hoping for access to a lab and lab tech who can help her out, and will pay necessary costs associated with this.

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chart notes
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