1:53 – It had been a month since I sent Dr Warrington the evidence archive, but he still hasn’t formulated any questions or meaningful feedback. Of my documentation he says “I think it’s extremely well organized, I think you present everything reasonably.” Regarding photos, videos of instrument readings, he says he’s “trying to get up to speed on how to interpret all those.” The instrument readings I have are simple – there are radio frequency tracings that show high frequencies coming from my body. Those are the ones that should elicit further investigation regarding biomedical implant networks. The other instrument readings are electromagnetic fields and radiation, and they simply show that something unusual is going on. All of that is very easy to google – what are normal vs elevated electromagnetic fields? What are normal levels of background radiation? Also, I keep telling Dr Warrington to ask me questions. There is no reason he should have to “struggle to understand.”

20:37 “The thing that I want expressed is that I’m experiencing torture, right? It’s literally torture. As far as who’s behind it and all this other stuff, I just don’t know that’s going to be helpful. I want my medical records to be as helpful as possible, and my allegation is that I’m being covertly tortured through a piezoelectrical biomedical network that’s been placed into my body, and I have evidence of that.”

At the end of this visit I try to get Dr Warrington to understand that I don’t think it’s helpful for certain things to go into my medical records, for example, what I call the context – “who’s behind it.” It’s possible I wasn’t clear about this, but more likely Dr Warrington is fully aware of how his chart notes reflect on me.

Every set of chart notes from visits around this time begins with a review of back pain issues (which were among the problems I was having) and pain medication refills, followed by “perceived persecution and assault.”

These chart notes read:

She believes the pain is the result of ongoing energy attacks targeting her in retribution for attempting to get to the bottom of a larger scale program. She believes law enforcement, FBI, CIA, the government has been using implanted devices to attack / harm a multitude of people and animals. She is in pain from the back discomfort but more concerned about the ongoing and unmitigated attack that is happening. She is also concerned about a concerted effort to delay and prevent her from confirming her suspicions.