Crown placed on Tooth 14 12/12/16

December 16, 2014

There are several questions to be asked here. First of all, why did the tooth crack? It was not decayed, had no cavities. Despite what dentists later claimed, I do not clench or grind my teeth day or night.

My parents paid for this procedure. Being as we were paying out of pocket why wasn’t I offered a range of options for the crown? In other words, why wasn’t I offered, metal, ceramic, gold, etc. Instead, the dentist chose the material (porcelain and metal).

The crown itself seemed much bigger (wider) than the original tooth had been, and from the moment it was placed in my mouth, was uncomfortable, sometimes more than others.

After I had purchased the Aceco FC 6002 MKII bug detector I did a frequency trace on my mouth and with the bug detector found frequencies coming from the crown, as well as from some white resin dental fillings on the upper right side of my mouth, which had been there since 1986. I then phoned Willamette Dental and asked them who had made the crown. They said it was made by their labs. I told them I had detected frequencies coming from the crown. I can’t recall how they responded, but after that phone call, I stopped detecting frequencies coming from the crown. By the time the crown started to bother me again, in 2019, the bug detector had been sabotaged and was no longer working properly.

December 16, 2014 notes from Willamette Dental about crown on tooth 14

Recently a lab slip associated with the crown was sent to me. A question I have about that, is why my age is listed as 54, which is how old I am now, when at the time I was 46.

Willamette Dental lab slip for 2014 dental crown (tooth 14)

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