Reasons why I claim piezo-electrical biomedical devices have been covertly implanted and are in use

Reasons why I believe piezo-electrical biomedical devices have been covertly implanted and are in use

Reasons why I believe that my symptoms are linked to covertly placed biomedical implants include:

  1. Somatic sensations in specific locations of my body (pulling, vibrating, heating, etc) which I’ve documented in journals 
  2. redness, inflammation, irritation associated with some of these same locations
  3. localized areas of subcutaneous inflammation which come and go over the years, but always in the same location, as if there is an object embedded
  4. wireless signals detected using a 1MHz-6GHz frequency tracer with unidirectional antenna, seeming to come from specific areas in my body, some of which are linked to somatic sensations
  5. parallel kinds of attacks or symptoms between me and others in my household – Chris, when he was alive, and my pets

There are other factors, largely pattern based, subjective (sensation-based), unconventional, or involving use of coded language, which are harder to show via photographs or other documentation. I am trying to focus on evidence that is forensic and can’t easily be discarded with misdirection, plausible deniability and the usual tactics. Though I have to ask – when I’m making an evidence based assertion that has a direct impact on not only my own health, but quite likely the health of millions – why does so much time and energy go into refuting my evidence-based assertion, rather than doing the few simple scientific tests it would take to verify my claims?

In truth, I think that the deployment of these biomedical devices is widely-enough known that there is quite a bit of coded language linked to them. Wire, chicken wire, diamonds, donuts, pins, and knives, and pizza are all terminology used to evoke the idea of covertly implanted biomedical networks as sort of a double-meaning. Shapes and textures evoking the shapes and textures of piezo devices and thin film electrodes are also used. What has confounded me is why so many people would not only accept that this kind of thing is going on, but participate in a cover up of this gravity and magnitude. 

The primary reason why I believe that the implants are piezoelectrical transponders/transducers are the sizes and shapes of the objects/inflammation, plus the relative invisibility of them on traditional radiograph imagery. When something has been partly visible under skin or in x-ray, sizes range from long and very thin hair or wirelike structures arched (in throat) or looped (under skin on back) to staple-like (under skin on back) to patch-shaped (in cavity of tooth 14), to 1mm or less in diameter “specks” (object implanted behind tooth 15). These seem consistent with sizes, shapes associated with piezoelectrical biomedical implants, and I suspect the thin/small crystalline structures may explain why it’s difficult to see most of these objects on traditional medical x-rays. In some cases, like the tiny implant behind tooth 15, the implant is located behind another structure (in this case, a tooth) potentially creating a natural block against seeing anything on a normal dental x-ray.


image showing millimeter-sized (and smaller) piezo transducers used in biomedical applications

web page updated 16 August 2022