Attempts to report high radiation readings to Portland Police (9/21-5/22)

After being told firmly by the FBI that the issue of elevated radiation on my Geiger counter was not an FBI but a police matter, I attempted to make a report to Portland police. I was able to get through to an officer, Officer Jason Francis, who apparently did take an initial report (so he said) and gave me a number linked to it. He also gave me an email address where I could send photographic or other digital evidence. This was all in and of itself unusually promising, but it didn’t progress beyond that point. 

Officer Francis never answered or returned another phone all, nor answered a single email.

Most of my attempts to contact Officer Francis with regards to documenting, investigating, and resolving this issue were in late September and early October 2021, but I made one final effort on May 7, 2022. 

PDF link 2021-2022_emails_to_portland_police_re_radiation_weapons_(report_21-264-213)

web page updated 26 August 2022