Attacks To Roxy’s Ears, Skin 2022

Google photos match
5 Sept 2022 – Google photos AI identifies similar injuries in me (2018) and in Roxy (2022)


I continue to be attacked noticeably around the implant/s near tooth 15 and in my lungs, legs, etc. Roxy is also being tortured. She has scabs all over her head and neck and her ears are burnt and she’s spending almost all her time hiding under the bed. These attacks to Roxy have been going on since late July She had a short period in the first three weeks of July where she was happy, not being attacked, and by July 7 her ears had almost completely healed. Then the attacks started again. The way we have been treated is unbelievably cruel.

Roxy was born in 2008. She was less than a year old when Chris and I got together in 2009.  Chris loved her and so do I. She has suffered TERRIBLE attacks to her skin and ears off and on going back to 2015.