Signs of surveillance specific to 2009-14 – Daughter’s bedroom computer

Earlier today I described a couple of the ways that I didn’t just know, but could show that surveillance had been going on, and I noted that the fact that this surveillance is a real thing is important, because the crux of the reasoning behind refusing to investigate the crime, or protect me from the crime, is that I am delusional to the point of having no understanding of reality, and therefore nothing I say can possibly be true. I’m simply an anxious, paranoid, and even a possibly dangerous person, the argument (excuse) seems to be. This was and is the reason given for failing to take my claims of surveillance seriously, and it’s the reason given for failing to take my claims of biomedical and radiation attacks seriously, and ironically, those who are not taking me seriously, I am quite certain, are 100% aware that I’m speaking the truth, because they all (doctors and law enforcement) have some direct involvement in the situation. This however doesn’t justify what is going on. It’s still extremely harmful and illegal.

If I exhibit any emotion whatsoever about the incredibly cruel things that have been done to me, to my daughter, to Chris, to my pets – any of them – and especially if I identify the real cause of the problem – the surveillance (which has included systemic coordinated stalking and menacing by community members) and biomedical CGI – I am punished mercilessly in the form of defamatory records, threats of calling mental health services, and trumped up counter-accusations of various sorts (harassment, controlling behavior, abusive behavior, out of control behaviors, etc.) Also, it’s common for people close to us to try and turn my daughter, and when Chris was alive, Chris, against me.

It is really hard to comprehend why people think that I should accept this illegal, cruel, and dangerous status quo. I do see that family members seem to have worked out some kind of “arrangement” with this sort of thing, but I find this unimaginable. In any case, these arrangements seem to have to do with joining the crowd who focus all of their energy, exploitative behaviors, and rage upon us.

Does a mother really need an excuse to be upset that she’s seen signs of surveillance in private areas where her teenage daughter lives?

To give you an idea of what I was dealing with in 2014, consider where I found out the surveillance was happening and how our home was arranged. I knew, for example that there had been surveillance associated with our band practice room which was also our bedroom. I knew that there was surveillance associated with our bathrooms. I knew without a doubt that the webcam in my iMac had been hijacked, and that was in an office facing an open door directly across from our main bathroom, so if the doors were left open, you could see from the iMac directly to the toilet or bath.

I knew also that my laptop had been hacked (that’s where the photo had come from that had been used on the Mudhoney poster) and that laptop was kept on a chair next to our bed. (I suspect the television in front of our bed also had a surveillance device in it.) And I knew without a doubt that the computer in my daughter’s bedroom had been hacked. 

Here is a photo that she took in December 2013, right around the time of her 18th birthday.

daughter's bedroom December 2013
December 2013 – Brook’s bedroom

She wanted to take a photo of the Christmas tree she had made out of craft supplies purchased from a dollar store. Next to the tree is her bed, and across from the foot of her bed is her desktop computer, and a small television. Above the computer is a painting of a butterfly that had been given to her by my brother’s girlfriend. 

After I had been kidnapped in Sacramento, held unlawfully, without reason, and by force in hospital wing repurposed into a black site – I was released to be escorted home by my father, something which was completely unnecessary. In the midst of all of this, he decided to leave my computer in Sacramento. It took me a full year to get enough money to ship it home, at far greater expense than if we had simply brought it on the plane. It arrived with a lot of files missing.

In the meantime, to do work online, etc, I had to either use the 2006 iBook or Brook’s  newer desktop computer. Often, when Brook was at school, I opted to use her computer. I kept covering the webcam, and I told her to keep it covered, but others – including I believe family members – indicated that she had nothing to worry about. Chris and I believe also Brook were actively encouraged by others whom they trusted to disbelieve me and my warnings, thus actively putting both of them in harms way. This is one of the things I find so hard to wrap my mind around.

It was from this computer where I sent Voodoo Doughnut a $60,000 invoice for human trafficking. I did this because they were publishing materials that made it pretty obvious they had something to do with all of this. This would probably have been spring of 2014. 

One day while working at Brook’s computer I started to see something strange on a website (I forget what) – and got creeped out and started to close everything down, when I heard a creepy whispery voice come through the speakers, saying “It’s been nice playing with you.” That’s when I knew for sure that her computer had been hijacked too.

So we had three computers in the home, and every single one of them had a web cam  that was either pointing towards a bed or bathroom door.


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