Walk to store, severe pain episode 10/9/18

This was a fairly typical severe pain episode, which around this period of time usually coincided with coded trash thrown around the neighborhood. It still goes on today, though not as extensively. The things I tend to see just before or during a back pain episode include batteries, staples, wires, string, syringe caps. The syringe caps were also used to indicate Chris’ forced relapses which started to become more and more frequent after 2016. By October 2018 Chris was relapsing a lot. Chris really wanted to be free of both heroin and methadone and this biomedical CGI made it impossible.

By this time, I had been aware for a full year and a half that the back pain I was experiencing was related to biomedical implants, making it literally torture. This adds an element of frustration to the situation – it’s not a natural disease process – someone is deliberately causing me pain and agony.

I was in a lot of pain; had recently been to the doctor who had refused to prescribe opioids, and don’t see any evidence that I went to the emergency room. In truth it is likely that Chris gave me some methadone which was not an approved thing but I was trying to avoid the emergency room and it was shortly after this that the emergency room doctors stopped prescribing pain medication.

At 8pm I had Chris take a photo of my back. In this photo you see the circular red spot in one of the customary locations, and within that area, you also see a small raised mosquito bite-like bump. That is a specific location that swells up during periods of back pain, sometimes, though not always. It is always the same location and it happens so much I can point to exactly where it is even when it isn’t swollen. It can appear or disappear within seconds. Also, this bump is not just associated with back pain. Sometimes it will swell up right before I experience an a radiation attack to my lungs.

red spot on back, with small swollen bump
Oct 9, 2018 8pm – I believe the small bump in the red spot is the location of a small implant

Coded trash and symbols of activity – burnt up electronics, white powder, wine can, syringe caps along a chain link fence, etc. Reeses wrappers are very commonly seen when I experience back pain or other bad medical things were happening to us, likely indicating finance. All photos taken around the perimeter of Fred Meyer’s on NE Glisan.

10/9/18 6:33pm

While I was looking through these images, some changes happened on my computer as if to indicate that this episode of back pain was related to my first visit with Dr Rosenfeld on 9/26