Portland Community College

August 11, 2016

After repeated attempts to end pervasive surveillance and harassment behaviors from faculty and others at Portland Community College (including, but not limited to, sexual harassment), I stopped taking multimedia classes and then dropped out in February 2016, without getting my certificate.

August 2016 I filed a Title IX complaint with the federal government (OCR Reference No. 10162219). The investigating officer dropped the case based on jurisdiction issues – she felt, she said, that I could not show that the harassment I experienced was gender-based. I also felt that in her summary of what I’d experienced, she minimized what was going on.

I have tried to keep as much evidence as possible of the allegations I was making, and of my history of trying to address the problem with the Office of Equity and Inclusion at Portland Community College but as with all the evidence that I collect and try to retain over time, it’s been constantly chipped away by someone both digital files and paper trail. In other words, my apartment is regularly entered unlawfully, and my digital files accessed, solely for the purpose of altering or destroying evidence of crime.

 email from me to PCC Office of Equity and Inclusion requesting files linked to Title IX complaints

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