My initial efforts to address the biomedical implants efforts with doctors were in late 2017, after I’d been able to confirm the presence of wireless signals coming from my body and dental work with the Aceco FC-6002-MKII RF tracer. This was met with a marked uptick in negative and defamatory medical records from every provider with whom I broached the subject, regardless of evidence provided, even when I’d done a frequency scan in the doctor’s presence. From this point on, sometimes I would bring this up, sometimes I wouldn’t. My first visit with Dr Rosenfeld had been almost a full year earlier, and he’d told me he would not prescribe narcotics, which is what I needed, so I’d spent the past year medicating back pain either with methadone Chris would give me, or going to the Providence Emergency Room. Eventually, however, ER doctors told me that I needed to manage pain through a clinic doctor.

By November 2019 I’d known for more than two years that the pain and inflammation was the result of manipulations through biomedical implants.

Prior to this visit with Dr. Rosenfeld, which had been scheduled weeks in advance, I went through an elaborate process where I wrote a detailed letter to the manager of PMG Glisan explaining exactly why I wanted to document my visits with audio (accountability), and offering to work with the clinic in terms of creating a formal recording agreement that would be amicable to both of us, etc. Unfortunately, my copy of this letter has also vanished. In any case, it was effective – I was permitted to record my visits with Dr Rosenfeld.

At this time, I had not seen the notes from the first visit with Dr Rosenfeld. I had thought the first visit was uneventful. Although I had brought up the implants, and my evidence for them I did not challenge the doctor when he pushed back. This time, I was more assertive. Another thing I noticed about this visit, is I felt, what I called “triggered” right around the beginning of the visit. By this I mean that I started to feel certain physiological effects such as heart beat rate increase, breathing changes, etc. Knowing now quite a bit better how these biomedical implant networks operate, I am certain that there were frequency-based manipulations being done to me during the visit. I think this has to do with my recording the visit. I think it was an physiological effort to elicit a certain type of response during the visit in an attempt to behave in a way (anxious or aggressive – as the physiological response is fight-or-flight linked) that would corroborate the negative paper trail being built up in medical records.

Although I didn’t photograph myself on this day I contest the claim that I looked “disheveled” as well as many of the other claims made in my medical records. I did make two recordings while walking through the neighborhood, one right before, and one right after the visit, and I recorded the visit itself. Here are the records.

walking to doctor Rosenfeld’s office 11 November 2019

One thing that I was observing were the clouds which by then I’d recognized were linked to these distinctive, light, high flying aircraft that are overhead all the time. The white trails behind the aircraft morph into clouds, changing shape, but remaining in the sky for long periods of time. The aircraft themselves are not picked up on publicly available radar trackers like radarbox

Here is the audio recording from the visit –

Audio recording of Nov 11, 2019 visit with Dr Rosenfeld

Both Dr Rosenfeld and I were aware of and had consented to this recording – thus, Dr Rosenfeld says – I think it’s three different times – that I’m “rolling my eyes” in response to what he’s been saying. It’s hard to prove, but I think that was an extreme description of my body language.

Another thing about this visit is Dr Rosenfeld is bringing up imaging like MRI. In the past, I’d asked a different provider for an MRI related to back pain and was turned down. But by this point, I was hesitant to get an MRI because I didn’t yet know enough about the implants (were they made of metal?) and how that might affect them. I also, as I mention in the visit, didn’t think the MRI would show anything. I say in this visit “I don’t want to waste my time” because by this point I’d discerned that there was a pattern of sending me running around getting all kinds of tests that would show me nothing.

Another point of tension in this visit has to do with how Dr Rosenfeld is leading the conversation – “there’s nothing I can show that will prove to you” and making fallacious arguments, like saying that if nothing shows on an MRI, that means nothing is there.

Considering that I had a 30+ year history of severe pain incidents by this point, and had been lectured multiple times by doctors about the opioid crisis and/or sent on all kinds of escapades to do time-consuming and ultimately ineffectual alternative treatments, etc, and that this condition is debilitating – of course I want to examine all the relevant evidence, including the evidence of subcutaneous wirelessly accessed biomedical implants. I feel that Dr Rosenfeld was gaslighting me in a number of ways during this visit, telling me “you feel that…” and by pushing me so hard towards psychological therapy. In fact after this visit (or possibly after a subsequent visit) I followed up on his referral with an email or letter to a person in authority at Cascadia, asking for two things: 1. that I speak with someone qualified to make or remove a psychological diagnosis, and 2. that I be permitted to audio record my sessions. I never received a response, and can no longer find a copy of the request letter I’d written.

At 23:43 Dr Rosenfeld says “were you not committed to a psychiatric facility in 2015?” This is an example of circular reasoning that is frequently employed by doctors. They know exactly how serious it is to restrain someone and/or commit them against their will to a psychiatric facility. The assumption they pretend to make, and that expect everyone else to make, is that such a thing could not happen without a valid reason. That assumption is false. That is why I refer to the January 2014 event as a kidnapping or abduction. In truth, the psychiatric hold was illegitimate and illegal and seems to have been intended to obstruct my access to a music rights attorney, as well as to smear me. The psychiatric facility employed abusive trauma-inducing techniques and generally seems to have fit the definition of a black site.

In this visit, Dr Rosenfeld seems to veer back and forth between seeming to know a great deal about my history, to seeming to know almost nothing.

At 24:57 I am referring to my visit with Dr Pollack at OHSU

At 25:04 what I’m saying is “there is something bigger going on with me”

At 26:04 Dr Rosenfeld accuses me, maybe for the 3rd time, of rolling my eyes at him, when he states that hydrocodone is “less addictive” than oxycodone. By this point he has me apologizing to him for my involuntary alleged facial expressions. What I know is that hydrocodone is scheduled slightly differently than oxycodone, but that federal scheduling is about law enforcement thing, not science, and that in my experience is that hydrocodone is less effective against pain and has more mental effects than oxycodone does (in fact it may be more addictive).

according to health hydrocodone is more addictive than oxycodone

Use of coded language (numerology) by Dr Rosenfeld – two knocks on the door before entering, recommendation to return in six weeks.

On the way out, Rosenfeld shares with me – possibly for the second time – that he had gone to Humboldt State University in Arcata, California which is where my degrees are from and where my father taught biology 1969-1996. In fact, Dr Rosenfeld’s educational and residential history and potential links to a number of individuals from my past will become a red flag for me later on.

Here is the video I made after leaving the office, focused on issues around what is and is not “evidence”

Nov 11, 2019 walking back from Dr Rosenfeld’s office

Something to clarify – at the end of this video I say “planes flying directly over me – another sign of implants” – I don’t mean the occasional plane flying directly over me, but a pattern of unusual behavior by aircraft including planes and helicopters, not just flying directly over me, but sometimes flying directly over me and flashing a light (or with helicopters, a spotlight) as they pass overhead. It also seems common for planes to fly around other things in the sky worthy of attention. I think that’s what’s going on here.

image of aircraft flying into an unusual ghost-like cloud formation with 3 holes in it

Chart notes from this visit describe me with words like “manic, frantic, agitated, aggressive, combative, paranoid, delusional”

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