Roxy’s ears are bleeding badly, she’s hiding under the bed, links to intellectual property theft 9/11/22

She shook her head and literally sprayed me with blood. I’ve been sending inquiries to Multnomah Animal Services asking them to initiate a criminal investigation. This is piezo-electrical biomedical implants and directed energy weapons attacks. 

In addition, I’ve been documenting lots of additional signs of surveillance, and use of materials taken from our private lives in popular music, going back to Leonard Cohen’s 1971 Famous Blue Raincoat, but including a lot of other well known songs including Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun and Smashing Pumpkin’s Bullet With Butterfly Wings. I’ve also found that despite what’s been posted on Wikipedia, there’s no evidence to suggest that Kurt Cobain wrote Sappy in 1987. I published about that here: Sappy – Updated Information from Gillian Gaar Book

Chris’ letters and notebooks have gone missing all the way up to 2015. I know he kept journals and notebooks his whole life. He also made lots of art. I suspect that Chris’ writings and art were stolen so that he wouldn’t notice that his creative works were being syphoned off into the entertainment industry. It also means that I have access to very little of his original work. Because most of his journals were stolen and most of mine were not, I suspect his family – brothers, sisters, in-laws – were directly involved in robbing him blind. Chris suffered because of all this loss. I’m pretty upset about it.

I actually suspect that the attacks on Roxy are linked to research I’ve done on Seattle music in the 1980s and 1990s and its links to intellectual property theft, blacklisting and murdering Chris, and these attacks to Roxy. People from this scene (1980s-90s Seattle music) have been increasingly posting cats as profile pictures on social media in recent months. This is typical behavior for this community. They are proud of their ability to lie and deceive. They plan attacks against regular people like they’re at war, and they fetishize their victims. This community is not what it’s been portrayed as to the outside world. I believe they behave this way because it allows them to reap financial and other rewards.