Providence ER visit back pain flare 3/25/18

On Saturday, March 24, 2018 I started to experience a flare up of severe back pain. This flare was associated with redness on my back, so at 11am I asked Chris to take a photo to document.

red area on back
24 March 2018

At first I tried to avoid going to the hospital and manage the pain at home. Chris had a show to play that night and I was home watching TV as the pain grew more severe. I was watching reruns of Roseanne, a show we were watching regularly at the time, and it was the Rosemary’s Baby episode (actually called “Satan Darling,” a rerun from 10/29/96) where she wears a black dress with a butterfly shape on front and diamond shape in back, the open part of the dress in back being exactly where my back was hurting.

There have been other times where biomedical attacks I’ve experienced seem to be linked – in some ways very intricately – with television programming, or specific broadcasts, including with new shows. This is not something I’ve figured out beyond whoever is involved in the biomedical attacks (CIA I’m guessing) is also deeply enmeshed in television broadcasting and media in general.

When Chris came home at 1am I asked him to take another photo

Red area on back growing more distinct
25 March 2018 1:33am

I suffered until 4pm on March 25 when I decided to go to Providence Hospital emergency room. As soon as I stepped out I noticed someone had put one of Chris’ guitar picks next to a syringe plunger into the dirt right outside our front door, under what looked like a mint leaf, and next to the corner of a concrete block.

syringe plunger and guitar pick in dirt near concrete rock

As I began to walk to the hospital, I saw some more things. A long red wig slung over a 1 hour parking sign, next to a local bar (A&L Sports Bar)

One minute after I’d photographed the wig, a helicopter passed over head.

video taken 3/25/18 4:01pm

When I got to the hospital, I saw someone had left a black glove outside.

black glove outside of Providence emergency room
March 25, 2018 4:16pm – black glove outside of Providence emergency room

Gloves like this would show up near my apartment one week later just before my cat, Lion, was killed with a directed energy weapon attack to her heart.

The visit at the hospital was not especially remarkable, except for a few things, for example, the doctor said I’d claimed I’d “never smoked” when in fact I did smoke a little bit in my early 20s and I wouldn’t lie about that. Also, I do think that the double dot, like you see after the phrase “urinary symptoms” is a kind of coded language.

It looks like I was seen quickly and walked home less than an hour and a half later. Walking home, this is what the sky looked like.

cloud-forming drone trails in sky
March 25, 2018 5:37pm

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