Photos of tooth 15 area – 3/10-4/4/2022

Tooth 15 is the tooth on the back of the upper left side of my mouth, anterior to the extraction cavity of tooth 14. There seems to be an object embedded behind it. At this time it was very swollen and painful, but on 2/15 Dr Janus at Advantage Dental had claimed that nothing was there to be seen or felt. He had to have been lying. Now I was trying to find a way to objectively show evidence of my claim. This was challenging because of the location of the implant/injury.

3/10/22 photo taken inside my own mouth showing swelling behind tooth 15

March 10, 2022 – I didn’t yet have a mirror or a way to see the roof of my own mouth, so pointed a flashlight into my mouth and held my phone below, aiming the camera into my mouth. In this image, you can see there is swelling.

tooth 15 photo taken in orthodontic mirror

March 16, 2022 – self-taken photo taken with orthodontic mirror – this digital camera did not pick the color red up very well, making inflammation patterns generally difficult to photograph

tooth 15 photo by Roots Dental

March 18, 2022 -intra oral camera photo by Roots Dental on SE Powell – in this photo you can see part of the ridge around what I was calling an oval-shaped object at the center of the inflammation (based on how this area has changed, I now think the actual implant is no bigger than about 1mm in diameter)

ortho mirror photo

April 4, 2022 – self-taken photo with ortho mirror

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