Ongoing medical attacks to Roxy and myself 9/27/22

Roxy has been tortured all night and I’m still also being medically harmed in my head and stomach. I’m experiencing a number of scary effects. With regards to Roxy, who’s injuries can be seen, I’ve tried to work with animal services. A major problem is all these other agencies, including federal agencies tell me I have to go to the police to report and seek help for these problems, and the police, who are very difficult to even get on the phone, inevitably say one of three things – first, they say they are incapable of doing the investigatory work that needs to be done to locate piezoelectrical biomedical implants, and they cannot refer me to any group who can and all do this. Second, they say that they won’t take a report from me because I am delusional. Third, they threaten to call a mental health services ambulance.

So we are left suffering from something that is literally a constant, ongoing attack from which we cannot escape, with no reasonable recourse. How is this not a state of emergency?

web page updated 27 Sept 2022