Mult Co East County Clinic visit for skin issues 4/4/2018

On April 4, 2018 I was still at East County Clinic, but I saw a different provider, Filza Akhtar, DO. This was one day after my cat Lion had been killed with a directed energy weapon.

It is also when I was suffering from increasing burns and rashy spots to my face and hands (similar to what my cat Roxy now has on her ears), so I came to show the injuries to the doctor and maybe get a referral to a dermatologist (which she gave me). These chart notes are comparatively benign compared to those of Sara Mitenbuler and others, but are still notable for what they leave out.

I did try to explain in detail why the sitation was unusual including the phenomenon spots (not just rashes but burns and discolorations) appearing overnight. Right before the visit started, in the exam room, I felt a small but distinct sudden pricking sensation on my right pointer finger. I looked down, and that saw a tiny spot had appeared on the finger as if out of thin air. I photographed it and some of the rashes on my arms and hands, and when the doctor arrived I showed it to her and explained what had just happened. She looked at it but didn’t make any comments and didn’t put anything about it in her chart notes. When the visit ended, or as it came to an end, I noticed a bruise had appeared on the knuckle of my left middle finger, that had not been there when the visit started. I don’t remember if the doctor was still in the room when I noticed the new bruise. If she was, I would have showed it to her as well.

So these visible pricks and bruises were appearing in real time, as I was in the doctors office, and I showed her – but that didn’t seem to make any difference to the doctor. It didn’t go into the chart notes. I see from screenshots I’d taken that I was looking up requirements for mandated reporters, and I may have asked the doctor about this. I know I did ask a doctor about this around this time, thinking if the doctors saw evidence of crime, maybe they would report it, or even be obligated to report it. But what they seem to do instead is to act as if there is no crime.

I received a referral to OHSU dermatology clinic scheduled for April 31.

4 April 2018 chart notes 1

4 April 2018 chart notes 2
4 April 2018 chart notes


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