Emergency Dental visit regarding tooth 13, 15 – 8/1/2021

At first the extraction of Tooth 14 seemed to alleviate problems (noticeable directed energy attacks) associated with the tooth, but then I started to have similar problems with the teeth to the left and right of the extraction site (13 and 15).They started to hurt in the same manner. I could sense radiant energy vibrating/heating painful teeth, inflammation of surrounding tissues, etc. I was being attacked with frequency-based weapons. At this time I was either between dentists or couldn’t get an appointment for several weeks, and the situation felt urgent, so I contacted Portland Emergency Dental Care. At this time I thought that it was because there must have been white resin fillings in those teeth that were accessible with frequency-based weapons. I thought maybe I could replace problematic fillings. But this dentist told me that there were no problematic fillings in the teeth that were bothering me the most, 13 and 15 (one tooth had no fillings, and the other a mercury amalgam filling only). The dentist suggested that the problem was not my teeth, but that thre was a soft-tissue issue. He then offered that maybe it was because I was grinding my teeth (I was not).

Visit notes mention wear and damage on tooth 19, but that would have been because of the crown that had been directly above it, tooth 14, which was larger than the tooth it had replaced, and quite possibly also because of the frequencies that had been around tooth 14.

Three radiographs were made of the problematic area.

Also, since this visit, more of my teeth have cracked. Some of the chipped or cracked teeth are next to other dental work from which I’ve detected frequencies emitting, or which have been heated up in the past (presumably via frequency based weapons) – specifically, my other crown, and the white resin fillings on upper right side of my mouth.

I do not clench or grind my teeth. 


August 1, 2021 Emergency Dental notes

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