Recording of this visit also seems to be missing. My recollection is that this had been scheduled as an in-person visit that Dr Warrington requested be virtual.

This seems to be the final visit before Dr Warrington went on a leave of absence, all though late in the month we exchanged emails regarding biomedical research inquiries.

warrington chart notes
chart notes
7 July 2022 Warrington chart notes

It’s fascinating how many “gotchas” there are in medicine with regards to these biomedical implants. The idea that I “perceive attacks” is correct. But to put it onto my record in this way makes it appear that the perception is the problem, not the attack. People who have perceptions of having a disease are not usually diagnosed based on perceptions – so why should this be different? The things I’m describing are physical in nature, not perceptual. I have provided ample evidence in support of this.

The emphasis continues to be on my emotional state – not on the things that are happening to me, physically. The push is to remain skeptical to a point of ridiculousness whether I am experiencing something physical (an ongoing assault linked to biomedical technology).

Just before Dr Warrington went on a leave of absence, I asked him to send out letters to the half dozen biomedical researchers, and to put the names of the researchers, the dates inquiries were sent, and copies of the letter into the record. This is for the sake of documentation. He didn’t do this and I’m told now I need to wait until he returns in November to speak to him about it.