It had now been almost three months since the March 14 visit where Dr Warrington noted that “the patient would like to re-explore the origins of her pain” (and I had clarified to him that this was about much more than just pain). It had been almost four weeks since I’d sent Dr Warrington links to my archive with associated notes. He had claimed, on May 17, that the email had gone into his spam folder. That still had left him more than two weeks before our already scheduled visit, for him to take a look at the information.

This visit was scheduled for 9:00 and began at 9:20. Throughout 2022, my in-office visits with Dr Warrington regularly began about 20 minutes late, and sometimes closer to 30-40 minutes late – even when they took place early in the day. This is part of the reason I speak quickly during these visits – I want to make sure I cover what needs to be covered without making Dr Warrington more late, that said, it seems that these visits nevertheless went for their full amount of time or in some cases even longer. Online visits were often also late, but not as late.

At 1:37 when I say “I don’t expect help from the hospital system” – I explain why that is. I’ve been trying to address this issue, providing evidence to support my claims, etc, going back to 2017 and met with nothing but obstruction, pushback, and defamatory medical records. So I’m faced with this dilemma of needing appropriate medical assistance, but increasingly it appears that this is deliberately being blocked, on a whole scale level – meaning – by every provider in every medical system. Doctors have told me again and again – as have police – that they literally have NO WAY to detect signals from high-frequency wireless devices. FBI simply refuses.

This might make a person wonder, why did I try to work with Dr Warrington at all. The main reason is that I was hoping that he might be able to take a stance that began from a point of scientific skepticism (whether real or feigned – the latter being an approach he might take if he already knew all about the biomedical networks but was pretending he didn’t) and then progress to a point where he was working from a step-by-step science based approach towards an appropriate resolution. Another thing is, you can’t really know where people and entities stand until you really try to work with them. By trying in every way possible to resolve this through the appropriate channels – police, FBI, hospital systems – and then meeting up again and again with the same types of obstruction (and retaliation) – I see more clearly the outlines of the crime itself, and some of its biggest components, which now appear to be the FBI (and possibly the entire Justice Department), the CIA (understood mostly by the penumbra of occult and cult-like behaviors, military tech, and trauma-based mind control techniques), and the entire health industry network, including hospital systems and government funded health insurance (Affordable Care Act, Care Oregon, etc). The dental care industry is also a very important component of this.

2:54 “security guards lurking outside of doors” the most notable instance of this was at Providence Gateway during an urgent care visit in July 2018. This is another visit that should be discussed in detail. It happened again during a visit to Providence Portland ER related to directed energy attacks to my heart.

4:07 small bumps appearing/disappearing in exact same location year after year – I’m claiming this (along with wireless signals, patterns of illness, etc) is evidence of a subcutaneous implant.

6:03 reviewing the point behind the Google photos evidence archive I had made for Dr Warrington and others who might be able to help (doctors and/or biomedical researchers)

I’m trying to move step by step. In other words, I’m trying to give Dr Warrington the chance to examine my evidence and ask appropriate questions, in order to either force me to re-examine anything that might need to be re-examined and/or to make a better case for what I’m trying to present – and/or to answer his genuine questions. My intent is to allay his skepticism so that he and I are working from a shared understanding of reality.

This never ends up happening. Dr Warrington never gives me any kind of critical analysis or questions my data, but he also refuses to move out of skeptics camp. Thus, his role as a supportive ally – or even as a science-based medical practitioner – seems to be nothing but smoke and mirrors.

8:33 “I’ve tried to do this already and most of the time I don’t get a response” – specifically, I tried to ask some questions of Conformable Decoders lab and Professor DaÄźdeviren at MIT without a response, and I tried to approach biomedical researchers at OHSU biomedical research lab with issues relating to attacks on and injuries of my cat, Roxy. To have this issue broached by a medical doctor might allay whatever concerns led these researchers to not respond.

10:58 I express hope that Dr Warrington will look at the evidence archive “this weekend” (visit occurred on a Friday)

12:15 explaining that I know basically where a lot of these implants are located, but need more information to precisely locate them, and that is why I want to try to identify them through wireless frequency tests before trying to do more imaging tests.

12:41 I explain that during the past month I’ve experienced a lot of symptoms from attacks through this biomedical network all during the past month, and I list some of them.

Dr Warrington records some of this, but in a way that, in my opinion, points to this idea that I have a “belief” (“Believes there is an implant over her heart, lungs, skin, joints”) rather than that I’ve experienced symptoms of wireless attacks.

14:10 I ask about getting a COVID shot prior to going to my daughter’s commencement at Stanford. Less than a week after this, my daughter, who has been very careful and was vaccinated, came down with COVID. Fortunately she ended up testing negative just before commencement.

18:53 after listing several of the measurements I’ve done, and my unsuccessful attempts to work with police, I describe how there was a period of time when I was experiencing a type of attack that would cause reddened eyes, and how this could come and go within seconds. This was happening a lot 2015-2017. Part of the reason I used this as an example is that in the previous visit (5/5), when Dr Warrington had entered the exam room, his eyes were bright red, and it faded within seconds.

What that told me was that Dr Warrington is also almost certainly implanted with piezo-electrical biomedical implants. I thought that maybe if I used this as an example, then he might one day observe the same thing happening to himself, maybe while looking into the mirror while shaving, and realize (if he wasn’t already aware) this is about much more than just me.

web page updated 26 August 2022