Similarities in inflammation signs and other disease patterns

When you start looking at patterns of similar disease patterns in members of the same family or household, things snowball so fast that it becomes difficult to pick out the most important information. Generally speaking, although right now I’m mostly trying to prove that this is happening to me, from what I’ve seen, this kind of thing is going on world wide, and affecting likely millions of people. There’s some strategy behind this – diseases like chronic pain, cancers, and even people dying suddenly from unknown causes can very quickly become normalized. In other words, people are conditioned to believe that “this is just how things are” – and that conditioning can happen quickly. Similarly, if the same or a similar disease pattern is observed within the same family, it can easily be chalked up to obvious factors like environment or genetics – even when that is not at all what is going on. The only way to determine that piezo-electrical biomedical implants are not involved in a disease process – whether it be something considered a mental health issue like addiction or depression, or a physical disease process like cancer, auto-immune disease, stroke, congestive heart failure – is to test the subject for covert biomedical devices. And the only way to credibly argue that these devices are not being used is to provide evidence, just as I’ve been asked, again and again, to provide evidence in support of my claims.

I am confident that there is a simple way to test for these devices, and that it involved frequency detection technology easily accessible to the FBI, military, military contractors, and biomedical research facilities. I also suspect this technology is available to medical doctors, though so far I’ve been told this is not the case. If not, why not?

From what I’ve seen, common disease patterns are regarding biomedical implants relate to chronic as well as acute conditions – muscular pain, vomiting, stomach issues, migraines, neck and back pain, etc. In later life, heart failure and kidney failure seem common. Cancer may be seen as a chronic or acute issue, depending. In my own family, there have also been a number of exotic or bizarrely coordinated viral, bacterial, or parasitic type illnesses.  

One of the assertions I’ve been making is not only was Chris given radiation-induced cancer via these piezo-electrical implants, but that at least by June 2019 his doctors were aware that he had cancer, and either chose or were ordered, to cover it up, and that once he was finally diagnosed with cancer, he was discouraged from seeking treatment, and that as he was dying, he was cruelly and relentlessly tortured with directed energy weapons and other biomedical attacks, and that after 3-4 months of that, his heart was stopped, at a pre-planned moment, through biomedical CGI.

I am also asserting that this kind of thing has been going on a very long time. That many people have been murdered this way. Thousands or more.

Redness on Chris’ abdomen (May 6, 2021) was attributed to “cancer” but appeared after he was being tortured. The same redness on my back (Feb 26, 2020) is associated with severe back pain.