Claudia Lemon and Sub Pop

Napalm Beach with H-Hour 1987
Napalm Beach with H-Hour and Bundy Creature 25 August 1987  

A post on Facebook maybe sheds some light on Claude/Claudia’s relationship with Sub Pop. This person has cycled through a lot of names but I know them as Claudia. I believe Claudia’s current last name is Bendix. She has at least two Facebook accounts.

On August 25, 2020, Claude/Claudia posted:

33 years ago I had a party at the Vogue. I was contacted a few days ago by Karl Braun from Pacific NW Music Archives, who shared this nugget of history with me. I promised not to share it until today, my birthday. at 38.55 John Clint comes in to wish me salutations, but in all honesty this is a recording of the H-Hour show that day. Done with a Walkman. (Chris Newman) Napalm Beach was the headliner, and A very special opening act called “the bundy creature” opened. Bundy Creature was created just for my birthday featuring some very now famous members of soundgarden, tad himself, and Jack Endino of skinyard and some mudhoney to boot. It was a glorious evening as I turned 27. I can remember my ride to the show was on a Harley Davidson with a Biker Friend while my then hubby nervously awaited his debut.

I found a site ( that has recently been cataloging shows at Seattle rock clubs from the 1980s.  

What I noticed is that, at least according the calendar on this website, Sub Pop Sundays started at The Vogue on September 13, 1987 – that would be nineteen days after Claudia’s 27th birthday bash with Napalm Beach and the other characters she mentions. 

It’s interesting that Claudia doesn’t mention by name exactly who was in The Bundy Creature. Was it Mark Arm? Steve Turner? Dan Peters? Why does she use the phrase “to boot”?

I assume that “Bundy Creature” was a nod to Ted Bundy, a serial killer – as was, most likely, the name Green River – the band that Mark and Steve (Mudhoney) were actually in at that time.

Bundy Creature also played on Claudia’s next birthday, August 26, 1988, with Snow Bud. Bundy Creature showed up in another location as well, like as a booking agent or promoter.

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