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Providence Health & Services is a Catholic health care system operating multiple hospitals across seven states, with headquarters in Renton, Washington.

Chris is hospitalized with congestive heart failure

heart image from Chris' records
This seems to be the first time that Chris had been to the emergency room since May 2014 when he'd had a sudden attack of some sort affecting his breathing. While I am obviously not a physician, there are a number of things about the records from this visit that I find concerning, especially when taken in context of everything else that has happened to me and to Chris, medically, and the pattern of discrepancies that I've been seeing in medical records.

Biomedical and/or directed energy attacks to our hearts 9/17/18

September 17, 2018
On September 17, 2018 I experienced a sudden and severe attack to my heart, leading me to call the advice nurse at Providence. While on the phone with the advice nurse, the situation resolved. Allegedly, these advice nurse phone calls are recorded. I have tried several times to get a copy of the recording of this phone call from Providence but the request has always been ignored.

Severe sore throat, red blistery rash, laryngitis, mucus, periodic poking sensations as if from wires arched over throat, demonstrated detection of frequencies in/around throat – diagnosed in ER as delusions 11/8/2017

attempt to photograph throat where there is a red blistery rash

8 November 2017 A lot of what went on here fit a typical pattern in which the severe symptoms I was experiencing were minimized and even called “delusions” – and this bizarre pattern where when doctors start describing what they…